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The Nike N7 Summer collection focuses on representation

June 20, 2021 12:00 PM
The Nike N7 Summer collection focuses on representation

The Nike N7 Summer collection focuses on representation this year. This collection focuses on three Native American athletes: Lyle Thompson, Lauren Schad and Kyrie Irving.

What is the Nike N7 collection?

The Nike N7 collection was first released in 2007, but the idea was already there in 2000. Sam McCracken, now general manager of N7, created the initiative to sell Nike products to the Native American communities to stimulate their growth and development. They did this by accepting donations aimed at health and disease prevention. This became a charity called 'N7 Fund'. N7' stands for the wisdom of the Native American people and the Seven Generations philosophy. "We need to properly reason out the impact of our decisions with the seventh generation in mind."

Then in 2007 came the first N7 product. This became the Nike Air Native N7. This sneaker was made based on the footprints of the indigenous people. The proceeds went to the N7 Fund. Two years later, two new sneakers were added to this line. The Nike Air Huarache N7 and a running model of the Nike N7 Air Pegasus+26. It was not until 2012 that Nike used athletes from cultural backgrounds for this collection.

N7 Dunk by Lyle

Lyle Thompson is a professional lacrosse player. He plays this sport because his Haudenosaunee ancestors invented the game. Thompson also plays it not only because he is good at it, he wants to represent his community. Together with Nike they release a dunk. The braided details are a representation of the traditional hairstyles worn by Lyle and his brothers. The purple on the Dunk is the same colour as the Iroquois flag, which again hints at Thompson's culture.

Nike N7 Dunk by Lyle Thompson

N7 Air Zoom Type by Lauren

Lauren Schad is a professional volleyball player. Lauren is originally from the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation, a Native American ethnic group, but now plays for Nantes in France. When Schad is travelling, she uses her platform to create awareness. She speaks out about the countless missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Together with Nike, she releases the N7 Air Zoom Type by Lauren. The colours of the medicine wheel, which is a cultural symbol for the Lakota people, can be seen around the Nike Swoosh.

Nike N7 Air Zoom Type by Lauren Schad

N7 Kyrie Low 4

Kyrie Irving is a professional basketball player. He is a point guard for the Brooklyn Nets. Irving connects his game and himself with history and justice. For the past few years, he has been searching and reconnecting with his community of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Here he was given his Lakota name, Hela, which means little mountain. During this ceremony, Kyrie received a blanket with stars on it. The N7 Kyrie Low 4 is inspired by the colours and stitching methods of the blanket.

Nike N7 Kyrie Low 4 by Kyrie Irving

Clothing Collection

In addition to the 3 sneakers from the native athletes, Nike is also releasing apparel for the N7 collection. The clothing collection will include 2 t-shirts, 2 jogging shorts, a windbreaker and a cap. The colours of the sneakers are reflected in the clothing.

All images by Nike

The Nike N7 Summer collection will be released on Monday 21 June, for now only in the USA. The sneakers will also be available at Nike By You. This way you can give the shoe your own values and it will also represent you.

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