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The CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 'K.O.D.' CHA has been announced

March 20, 2021 9:00 AM
The CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 'K.O.D.' CHA has been announced

Edison Chen, the co-founder of CLOT, has shared a teaser of a new Nike collab via Instagram. In the dark photo, we see a silhouette that looks like the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 'Kiss of Death' that was just released. But when you look at the caption, it's definitely a different sneaker. Namely, the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 'K.O.D.' CHA. 🍵

Air Max 1 'K.O.D.' CHA
Images via Instagram @edcee3000

CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 'K.O.D.' CHA

Later, Chen also posted the photo above, which shows the sneakers a little better. The design is very similar to the 'Kiss of Death', but especially the colours are different. There seem to be different shades of brown used. In addition, this time red details are added to the design, for example on the laces and swooshes.

The name of the collab shows what the design is inspired by. "Cha" means tea in Chinese. Perhaps the brown colourway represents the colour of the dried leaves. Chen posted the caption, 'AFTER REFLEXOLOGY USUALLY COMES TEA !!!!!!', in reference to the old and new design of the AM1 'Kiss of Death'.

'Kiss of Death' History

Despite the fact that the K.O.D. 'Cha' will be released in 2021, the design seems to be very old. In fact, it looks like the colorway is one of the first samples from the original 2006 release of the CLOT x Nike AM1. As you can see from the photo below, Chen's photos look the most like the upper shoe. The different shades of brown and the red details seem to match. The bottom shoe is the final version of the K.O.D., you can clearly see the beige base and the orange accents.

Air Max 1 'K.O.D.' CHA
Image via Instagram @theratwiththehoodie

Are you excited about this new colorway of the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 'K.O.D.' CHA 🍵? Unfortunately, there is no exact release date known for the collab yet, but we expect it to come soon. Probably in the spring of 2021. Keep an eye on the Sneakerjagers Release Calendar to not miss the date! Also check out the Sneakerjagers App and our Instagram-accounts (@sneakerjagers & @sneakerjagers_wmns) to always be up to date with the latest releases!