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SNKRS Day 2020 - Tips & tricks for your SNKRS App! 😎

August 6, 2020 1:30 PM
SNKRS Day 2020 - Tips & tricks for your SNKRS App! 😎

What's up dear community! Since we have received numerous questions about SNKRS Day 2020, we have written a 'SNKRS Day 2020 Tips & Tricks' post for you! Here you can find out how you can save valuable time with your Nike ordering process via app, as well as what to expect this year! This 'How to Cop/Survival' SNKRS Day 2020 guide should help you to get one or more 'GOT EM' at the end of the day!

Short info about the event: The Nike SNKRS Day 2020 will take place on Saturday, 08.08.2020 (8 8 20). The SNKRS App celebrates its 3rd birthday - happy 3rd Anniversary! That's why Nike is offering mega nice restocks, re-releases and shock drops from the most hyped kickz of 2020! (Attention Europe/ Europe only!)

Snkrs Day
Nike Snkrs Day
Snkrs Day Nike
Snkrs 8 8 20

By the way: You need the Nike SNKRS App!! Without it, you won't get 'Off-White or Travis…' ups god damn it. My boss said I can't spoil the kickz, but yeah, probably nobody will notice that anyway… So if you don't have the app yet, click on the button below and get the SNKRS app! You will need it, like at every SNKRS Day Event, for the sneaker drops! Later you will find out why!

'How to Cop' - guide! Your SNKRS Day 2020 tips & tricks! Accelerate the ordering process! ⏩

Here we have the tried and tested tips for you on how you can shorten the duration of your order process! The order process will take only 5 seconds! Just follow every step below and you'll profit for sure on 08th of August 2020 (8 8 20) and get a 'GOT EM'!

  1. Download the 'new' Nike SNKRS app!
  2. Register and create a Nike account! (real name, so that the shoes arrive!)
  3. Click on your profile in the lower right corner and on settings in the upper right corner (Icon Gear)
  4. Select your shoe size from the 'Shoe size' menu! (Speeds up the ordering process!)
  5. Go to 'Payment Information', then click on 'Add new payment method'. If you have a credit card, choose 'Add Credit Card' (the fastest way to buy sneakers), otherwise you can also link to your 'PayPal' account. (Both options require a confirmation! For credit cards, the 3-digit number on the back of the card and for PayPal the password and a confirmation! - Credit card owners have a clear advantage here πŸ™‚
  6. Click on the arrow in the upper left corner of the page to return to the 'Settings' and click on 'Shipping Information' - enter your home address there! (1. so that the parcel arrives and 2. you save yourself the trouble of entering it when you finish your order)!
  7. TheCrew Tip: If you have an iPhone, enable 'Touch ID' in the 'Settings' section!
  8. Also enable the notification function of the SNKRS App! (After that you can deactivate it anyway)!
Nike Snkrs App
neue Nike Snkrs App
3rd Anniversary 
Restock Nike Sneaker
SNKRS Day 2020 Tipps & Tricks

What you need to keep in mind on SNKRS Day 2020!🧐

Last year on SNKRS Day 2019 the kickz were dropped in two ways. There was an 'in app' scavenger hunt and a 'real life' scavenger hunt in Berlin, Paris and London! Because of the current situation it wouldn't be smart to have a scavenger hunt outside, this year the Nike SNKRS event will probably take place via AR function. You can find more information below!

The SNKRS Day 2019 took place via a 'scratchcard' function in the SNKRS App. You could 'scratch off' the picture of certain posts and behind it there was a Nike hangtag. If you scratched the 'Golden Hangtag', you got an advantage on the next hype Nike release! There was also the previously mentioned scavenger hunt where you could buy a Nike Lunar Force 1 Low, a Nike x Sacai Waffle LDV or a SlamJam Blazer Class of 1977! Below we have linked a video, how the 'scratchcard function' of SNKRS Day 2019 looked like and how the function could be adapted for SNKRS Day 2020!

At this year's SNKRS Day Event the 'scratchcard function' could come again! So be ready and check out the Sneaker App, so you know roughly where which entries are! Also, this year's 'Scavenger Hunt' could take place via the 'AR function'. All you need is the SNKRS app and your smartphone! We've marked a mock-up below to show you what it might look like!

We hope that this post has answered your questions and you now know exactly what to expect on SNKRS Day 2020! Also take a look at our 'Sneaker News' tomorrow. cough there will probably be a SNKRS Day 2020 Kickz Leak List online by accident. But only randomly! There you will also find the Sneaker Restock/ Shock Drop List from the SNKRS Event 2018 and 2019! Till then ciao and below you will find the button to the SNKRS App! Let's Go and adios!