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Sneakerjagers giveaway 'AIR' movie – Winner announcement

April 3, 2023 4:00 PM
Sneakerjagers giveaway 'AIR' movie – Winner announcement

Especially for the release of the 'AIR' movie, Sneakerjagers came up with a unique giveaway. The movie will premiere on April 4, 2023, and you can be there! Through the Sneakerjagers app, you could enter the giveaway for a chance to win 2x exclusive premiere movie tickets + Sneakerjagers gift card worth €200 - 'To Buy You Some Air'. We will announce the winners here.

'AIR' - 'Courting A Legend'

The new film 'AIR' tells the story of Nike and Michael Jordan. The Warner Bros/Amazon Studios production takes us back to the year 1984 when Nike Marketing Executive Sonny Vaccaro took a chance on basketball player Michael Jordan, who at the time had not set foot in the NBA championship.

The film comes with an all-star cast. Award-winning director Ben Affleck plays the role of Nike founder Phil Knight, Nike Marketing Exec Sonny Vaccaro is played by Matt Damon, Jason Bateman portrays Rob Strasser, and Peter Moore is played by Matthew Maher.

The film 'AIR' gives us a look behind the scenes and tells the story of the million-dollar deal between Nike and Michael Jordan, a bold move by Nike. On April 4, 2023, the film will premiere at the Filmhallen in Amsterdam and you can be there!

Sneakerjagers giveaway

In partnership with Warner Bros, Sneakerjagers is giving away 1x 2 tickets to the 'AIR' premiere + a Sneakerjagers gift card worth €200. In addition, Sneakerjagers is also giving away 10 x 2 cinema tickets for the regular cinema release. Check out the winners of the giveaway below.


  • Anthony Walker - 1x 2 tickets to the 'AIR' premiere + a Sneakerjagers gift card worth €200
  • Kim van Langen - 2x cinema tickets
  • Jeroen Rullens - 2x cinema tickets
  • Frank Vossen - 2x cinema tickets
  • Danyel van der Schaaf - 2x cinema tickets
  • Sven Loman - 2x cinema tickets
  • Trey Franka - 2x cinema tickets
  • Rutger Mulders - 2x cinema tickets
  • Rick Postema - 2x cinema tickets
  • Rogier Mulder - 2x cinema tickets
  • Alisia Windt - 2x cinema tickets

The winners listed above will receive more information about their prizes via email. On behalf of Sneakerjagers; congratulations on your prize won! The cinema tickets are coming your way. Read all the terms and conditions of the giveaway here.

The premiere of the 'AIR' film is on April 4, 2023, at the Filmhallen in Amsterdam. Download the Sneakerjagers app and stay tuned for more giveaways like this one.