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Shop the new By Parra collection now at Freshcotton

November 8, 2021 9:00 AM
Shop the new By Parra collection now at Freshcotton

The new collection of By Parra is now available at Freshcotton. The collection consists of a lot of cool clothes and accessories that are dressed in the characteristics of the Amsterdam based brand.

Piet Parra

Pieter Janssen, also known as 'Piet Parra', is a graphic designer and illustrator from Amsterdam. Pieter creates graphic work for posters and flyers under the name 'Parra'. The artist also has his own brand. This was first called Rockwell Clothing, but was changed to 'By Parra' in 2015.

By Parra Freshcotton
Image by James Ng

Pieter is also known for his designs for Nike. He has designed a number of shoes for the Swoosh brand, including the Parra x Patta x Air Max 'Cherrywood' and the Parra x Nike Air Max 95 'The Running Man'.

Parra x Patta x Nike Air Max 1 'Cherrywood'
Image by @mikee_polo
Nike AIr Max 95 'The Running Man'
Image by @numbersnz

By Parra collection at Freshcotton

The items of By Parra are known for their many colours, handwritten texts and post-pop images. These elements are especially found on the shirts from the By Parra collection. The shirts have been given a colourful print with the Parra tag attached to the bottom.

Horse T-shirt

Horse T-Shirt

A horse is illustrated on this T-shirt in the colours blue and red. Birds' is written underneath the print. The shirt is available for €50,00.

Bad Habits T-Shirt Camel

This shirt has a beige colour with a remarkable print on the front. At the bottom, 'Parra' is written in white. The shirt is priced at €49.95.

Bad Habits T-Shirt White

The shirt is also available in a white variant. The shirt is available for €49.95.


You can also find some nice jackets in the By Parra collection on Freshcotton's website.

Sad Cat Pencil System Jacket

First of all we have this dark blue denim jacket. On the chest is a sad cat in the colour red. On the pocket on the right chest is the Parra logo stitched in black.

Sad Cat Pencil System Jacket

The jacket has a price of €235.00.

Gem Stone Puffer Jacket

The print that this remarkable Puffer Jacket bears is divided into rectangles. The shapes and lines on this print are dressed in different colours and all fit together nicely.

The jacket is easy to order via Freshcotton's website and costs €244,95.


There are also a few sweatshirts in the collection. The items can be found in different colours, with each item bringing a unique design.

The Chase Crewneck

This sweatshirt is off-white in colour with on the chest a small figure on a bicycle. The sweatshirt has a price of €104,95.

Upside Dog Race Crewneck Sweatshirt

There is also a light grey jumper in the collection. On it a dog is drawn on the chest that hangs upside down. The jumper costs €109,95.


Finally, there are also accessories in the collection. These include a cap, tote bag and kitchen towel. The cap is completely white with a red oval on the front. The word 'Parra' is stitched into it in white. The remarkable thing about this cap is of course the red rope that is attached to it.

Oval Logo 6 Panel Hat

Oval Logo 6 Panel Hat

The cap is available on Freshcotton's website and has a price of €50,00.

The tote bag has been given a blue colour. On the front, the same sad cat from the jacket above is printed, with 'Parra' on it.

Sad Cat Tote Bag

The Totebag is available for €35.00.

By Parra Freshcotton

Finally, we have this remarkable kitchen towel. The item is black with a print on it. The print refers to mother nature. You can find a female figure on the kitchen towel with a number of animals around her.

Earth Mother Kitchen Towel Black 46265

This kitchen towel has a price of €34.95.

Would you rather scroll through the By Parra collection yourself? Click on the button below to go to the Freshcotton website.