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Retro Runner - Timeless Elegance

October 13, 2021 12:00 PM
Retro Runner - Timeless Elegance

In this article, we focus on the topic of retro runners. The special thing about it: We take a look at the sneakers regardless of the brand and take you on a journey into the past. We also take a look at the currently available models and check availability and prices for you.

Timeless Retro Runner

We can currently see that the trend in sneakers is clearly going in the direction of retro and vintage. Especially the performance-oriented retro runners with chic design and new technology are in vogue.

Various brands are relaunching their most iconic retro runners, and their minimalist design is in tune with the times. The kicks are great for the office, the street and a busy everyday life and combine elegance with comfortable wear. In general, the 90s look is experiencing a real revival with wide trousers and oversized fashion.

The trend towards retro runners continues regardless of the brand. We see this in the example of the Nike Daybreak, the Nike Monarch, the ASICS Gel 1090 or also in various adidas or New Balance shoes.

These retro runners are on trend

We have selected various retro runners for you and show them to you in detail. Many of the kicks have a long history and some have just been re-released. If you like one of the sneakers, you can take a closer look at the shoe by clicking on the link and get an overview of all retailers.

Small note: Not all sizes are always available at one retailer, so if your size is no longer available, just check out one of our other partners and try your luck there.

Nike DAYBREAK | DB4635-001

Let's start with the Nike Daybreak, which is even on sale at some retailers. The model was originally launched in 1979 and was ahead of its time as a running shoe. The thick EVA midsole and insole were designed to give the runner special comfort.

The new edition, here in red and silver, convinces with its classic look and beautiful colour scheme. Click on the link below to go to the overview of dealers.


Nike Daybreak

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ASICS Gel 1090 - Retro Runner Kult

We continue with the ASICS Gel 1090, which I have picked out for you in two versions. The ASICS Gel 1090 was launched in 2004 and was designed purely as a running shoe. It combines maximum performance with pleasant wearing comfort and has already achieved something of a cult status in the sneaker scene.

First of all, I have picked out the WMNS ASICS Gel 1090 in white. Check it out for yourself below.

ASICS Gel 1090

Secondly, I picked out the ASICS Gel 1090 in a black/white/orange colorway. The retro runner in a chic design is available at many of our partners. You can simply click on the picture or follow the link below.

ASICS Gel 1090

New Balance 990

Next, I've picked out the New Balance 990 as a retro runner. This shoe also has a long history and was first released in 1982.

At that time, the shoe was sold for $100, which was a lot of money and of course associated with many expectations. But the NB990 fulfilled them with its technology and quality. You can get the grey version below for €200 and it's great as a daily sneaker. Check it out for yourself.

adidas adidas TRX Vintage

The adidas TRX was born in the 70s and was mainly designed as a running shoe. Famous marathon runners such as Grete Waitz were able to achieve great victories with the shoe. Today, the TRX Vintage is available from adidas and is reminiscent of the retro runner era.

I have chosen the beige version for you.

Nike Air Tailwind 79

The last shoe I picked out for you is the Nike Air Tailwind 79. The shoe is dressed in a black and white mix and was first introduced in 1978 at the Honolulu Marathon and released one year later. An air unit was built into the sole of the Tailwind to provide comfort and cushioning. When it comes to retro running, the Nike Air Tailwind should definitely be on your radar.

That was our selection of retro runners again. If you want more exciting news from the sneaker scene, feel free to check out our Sneaker News. See you there!