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Patta and Experimental Jetset Converse Chuck 70

November 9, 2022 4:31 PM
Patta and Experimental Jetset Converse Chuck 70

Patta recently released a new collaboration with New Balance, and their next collab is already just around the corner. The brand has collaborated with Experimental Jetset to design a collection based on their motto: 'turning language into objects'. The collection consists of a number of clothing items. In addition, the duo have also collaborated on a Converse Chuck 70.

Converse Chuck 70

Patta previously released a Chuck 70 in 2017, which was part of a pack. Now, the Amsterdam-based brand has teamed up with Experimental Jetset to design another Chuck 70. The model has been given an all-white colour with accents of fiery red and diva blue around the profile.

These colours come in the form of overlapping arrows, pointing down on the lateral side and up on the medial. A striking detail is the inspirational text on the tongue: 'To walk is to lead - to read is to walk'. Below the downward pointing arrows, three 'P's are set in a circle. This is a reference to the collection's name 'Patta Psychogeographic Practice'. Rounding out the design is a white midsole, combined with a red and blue rubber outsole.


As mentioned earlier, the collection will also include clothing. Classic Patta essentials, including Coach Jackets, Hooded Sweaters, Graphic T-Shirts and Crewnecks have been redesigned by Experimental Jetset. With these clothes, the duo asks you to sit back, relax and wander through life via map-inspired graphics with once again confusing directionals.

The Patta x Experimental Jetset Converse Chuck 70 will be released on 10 November 2022 at Patta, Converse and at selected retailers online and in-store. Check out the sneaker in detail below!

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