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Nike Vapormax - the timeline of 360-degree comfort and style

May 7, 2021 9:10 AM
Nike Vapormax - the timeline of 360-degree comfort and style

The Nike Air Max line has stood for innovation for years, but also for the future and tradition in equal measure. The modern Vapormax from the Swoosh Brand has a special place in this line. That's why we want to take you on a short journey through the timeline of the Vapormax models and tell you the story behind the design:

Nike Air Vapormax and Flyknit as innovation in 2017

2017 saw the launch of the first Nike Air Vapormax. The year also marks the 30th anniversary of the first Nike sneaker with visible Air - the Air Max. So it was time to create a new innovation with the Nike Air. The Vapormax was the first sneaker to be equipped with a midsole that only contained one air unit.

In addition to the flexible Flyknit upper, the design is known for its distinctive sole made of many individual Air Units. Another special feature: the sole has no intermediate parts and the Air Units touch the ground directly.

OG Vapormax 2017
Vapormax OG

The Air Vapormax Plus

A year later, Nike used the innovative design of the Vapormax for a first hybrid model. The kicks combine elements of the Air VaporMax and Air Max Plus silhouettes, resulting in a sneaker with a modern, sporty look.

The TPU elements on the upper, as well as the small Swoosh and the TN branding on the heel are reminiscent of the Air Max Plus. The typical Vapormax sole, the comfortable upper and the dynamics of the sneaker clearly represent the Air Vapormax family.

Vapormax Plus

The Flynkit 2 and Run Utility also release in 2018

Also in 2018, the Vapormax OG got a second version with the Flyknit Upper. Today, there aren't too many models available directly. But check out our sneaker archive for the resell market! The Kicks came with the same sole and flexible upper as the OG, but also with additional elements on the heel.

That same year also saw the arrival of a Run Utility version with a waterproof upper, rugged lacing and an accompanying outdoor vibe.

Flyknit 2 Vapormax
Utility Vapormax

Three new models of the Vapormax released in 2019

Among them was the Vapormax 2019, whose special feature was the semi-transparent design. The kicks combined this year's trend with the familiar and popular elements of the previous Vapormax models.

In addition to this new design, the Flyknit version also gets its 3 version. Especially here: The heel reinforcement has a somewhat simpler design and the upper has also been adapted a little. Do you see the differences?

Last but not least, the utility model also got a special makeover. The close-fitting collar of the Kicks is directly eye-catching and the upper has several details.

Click on the pictures to get an overview of the models that are still available for purchase.

2019 Vapormax
Vapormax 2019 - JD Sports
Flyknit 3 Vapormax
Flyknit 3 - asphaltgold
Uitility Run Vapormax
Utility 2019 - Sneakerjagers

The Nike Vapormax 360

In 2020, Nike wowed us with the next hybrid model in their Vapormax range. The robust design of the Nike Vapormax 360 definitely carries the style of the 2000s. In addition, there are some influences from the Vapormax models of the past. As special features, various lines were applied to the upper and the Swoosh with jewel effect is also a highlight.

Besides the Vapormax influences, the 360 also has elements of the Nike Air Max 360 from 2006. It was part of an OG colourway series called: "History of Air" and therefore also wears the OG colours of the Air Max, which of course also reminds of the AM1 OG. The upper, the Swoosh and the 360 degree mudguard make both looks special.

Air Max 360
Air Max 360
Air Max
Vapormax 360

More sustainability with the Vapormax Flyknit 2020

In 2020, we also got a new Flyknit Vapormax model. This new range is made from recycled materials and is also manufactured in an environmentally friendly process. It also comes with a new lacing system with Flyease technology. A strap at the heel makes it easier to lace up the kicks. The sole with the individual air units also has a slightly different structure.

You can read more about sustainability at Nike here.

Flyknit Vapormax 2020

Air VaporMax EVO

The VaporMax EVO only launched in 2021 and it combines the designs of different Air Max models on one silhouette. If you're interested in the details, you can read more about the construction of the VaporMax here. The sole of this model is also clearly from the Vapormax family and even though the sneaker has a lot of history in it, it still has a quite futuristic design all in all.

This is how he combines history with innovation and brings the best of the past into the present - Nike.

VaporMax EVO

That's it, the journey through the history of the Vapormax. Do you have a favourite? The expressive Nike Vapormax 360, the sustainable version from 2020 or the Flyknit OG? No matter which version you choose, with the Vapormax family you get extremely good comfort and the absolute hottest styles in your home.

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