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Nike and Foot Locker honour Ken Griffey Jr. with Sweetest Swing Collection

June 28, 2021 12:00 PM
Nike and Foot Locker honour Ken Griffey Jr. with Sweetest Swing Collection

Nike's Air Griffey Max 1 has existed for 25 years and that should be celebrated. Nike does this to honour baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. with the Sweetest Swing Collection. The collection consists of four different sneakers.

Who is Ken Griffey Jr.? Ken Griffey Jr. is a former baseball player who played in the MLB (Major League Baseball) for 22 years.

Griffey Jr. has had a successful career as a member of the Hall of Fame.

He made the All-Star team 13 times.

He also hit 630 homeruns in his career, which makes him the 7th most homeruns ever.

Enough reasons to honour Ken Griffey Jr. with this collection!

As we just mentioned, the "Sweetest Swing Collection" consists of four different silhouettes. Namely the Nike Air Max 90, Air Force 1, Air Griffey Max 1 and the Air VaporMax Plus. Each silhouette is Ken Griffey Jr. inspired in its own way, so we will take a look at the sneakers one by one for you. Let's start with the Nike Air Max 90.

Nike Air Max 90 'OG Flipped' | DJ5190-100

The Air Max 90 features many different materials. For example, the base is made up of white leather with quite a few overlays on it. The overlays are created in grey and black colours of the materials, while the Swoosh has been given a dark grey colour. On the forefoot runs a black Swoosh with red outlining. This red outlining matches well with the red stitching which reminds us of a baseball. There is a patch on the tongue with a snapback engraved with Ken Griffey Jr.'s number 24. Underneath the upper is a white midsole that is broken up by a greenish colour that represents the team he played for, Mariners.

Nike Air Max 90 Sweetest Swing Collectie

Nike Air Force 1 'Like Father, Like Son' | DJ5192-100

While the Air Max 90 was specifically aimed at Ken Griffey Jr., this Air Force 1 is not only inspired by him, but also by his father. Nike has chosen the classic white leather base as a base and further, the left and right shoe are created in their own way. The left shoe is inspired by Ken Griffey Jr. and the right shoe by his father Ken Griffey Sr. The forefoot features mini-swooshes, which, like the numbers on the sides, are in blue/gold colours.

The large swooshes are done up in contrasting black colours. This black colour runs through to the heel tab. The heeltabs have Jr. and Sr. engraved on them. The blue/gold colours we just mentioned can also be found on the tongue and under the outsole. These colours are also inspired by the Seattle Mariners, where father and son played together for two seasons in 1990 and 1991.

Nike Air Force 1 Sweetest Swing Collectie

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 'The Sweetest Swing' | DJ5188-100

Meanwhile, we have already arrived at the third sneaker of the collection. This time, we take a closer look at the Air Griffey Max 1 silhouette, the signature sneaker of Ken Griffey Jr. It is quickly noticeable that this silhouette is given the same colour palette as the Air Max 90. Black and white colours dominate the upper, while some red details complete the upper with some stitching here and there or for example the heel pull tab.

On the forefoot runs a large gold Swoosh that features black outlining. The strap that runs almost all over the upper also features the '24' branding. On the back, Ken Griffey Jr. is depicted with his effortless swing.

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Sweetest Swing Collectie

Nike VaporMax Plus 'Webbed Fury' | DJ5189-001

Last but not least, the Nike VaporMax Plus in a 'Webbed Fury' colorway. This is a nod to the 'Spider-Man Catch' Ken Griffey Jr. made on May 25, 1991. Since licensing issues prevented a direct nod, Nike circumvented this by solving it with a minimal graphic on the insole. On the insole they used a web print. The fourth sneaker also features the number of Griffey Jr. but also on the insole. If we focus on the outside, Nike keeps it simple. A two-tone contrasting upper keeps the sneaker in balance.

Nike VaporMax Plus Sweetest Swing Collectie
Images by Nike

Although the Sweetest Swing Collection will probably not be released here, it is still a great collection to perhaps add to your collection via StockX. Don't forget to check the Sneakerjagers blog for your daily dose of sneaker news.