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Nike Air Max 1 'Hamburger' - our new Nike By You Style

September 21, 2020 2:35 PM
Nike Air Max 1 'Hamburger' - our new Nike By You Style

What do sneakers and hamburgers have in common? At first sight maybe not too much, dear community. But one thing is for sure: Our #TheCrew heart beats for both. That's why our latest Nike By You look has got exactly this colorway. Our Nike Air Max 1 'Hamburger' looks 'lekker', as my Dutch colleagues would say, what means: tasty, but it can do even more than that.

For some time now we have been enjoying one fresh AM1 release after another, but often these popular kicks are hard to come by. Our solution: Nike By You! Everything you need to know about it, you can find out here today. And we at Sneakerjagers put our latest creation (watch out for the wordplay 😉) in the spotlight. Therefore we have designed these two sneaker similar sneaker styles. Let's go!

Our very own Nike By You Air Max 1 'Hamburger'

Through Nike By You, you can easily create your own Nike Air Max 1 just like we do. Of course you can also do this with all other popular Nike models. You can choose from different colours and materials and let your creativity run wild with this classic Nike model for example. No matter if you want to use your favourite colours, create a shoe design based on your hobby or even copy our burger-style: just click on the Nike By You button underneath and you can start right away! But it's also worth staying tuned, because here we show you our new style in detail!

The inspiration for our Nike By You Style, it's no secret, comes from our favourite food: the hamburger. With the many colour options of Nike By You it was possible to design the Air Max 1 completely the way we like it best. We created two different versions with two different shades of green for you. Besides the harmonious colours, it is also the materials that are convincing:

For the base of the Air Max 1 we have chosen white mesh. We have also chosen green overlays. This colour is of course inspired by the salad of our hamburger. The dark green is called rainforest green by Nike By You, the light one is called thermal green. The mudguard is coloured in the beautiful honeycomb. And this colour reminds us very much of one of our favourite sauces on the burger, namely mustard. The lining of the Air Max also has this colour. For the Swoosh and the Nike Air branding on the heel we have chosen a red accent. This colour comes from the tomatoes and ketchup on our burger.

Two passions, united in one design

As you can see, the colourful upper stands on a classic white midsole. Also inside the Air Unit we see the colour honeycomb again. Finally we decided to go for a rubber outsole. You could say: like the bread at the hamburger, a good base for our kicks. But also independent of the hamburger theme, our new Air Max 1 is a beautiful and high-quality look. The colours harmonise very well and fit great into the beginning of autumn. On the upper we have also worked with suede overlays, which are robust, comfortable and simply quite chic.


Nike Air Max 1 'Hamburger' - that is our new style! But what is yours? Why not combine two things you love and design great new sneakers.

We have done exactly that more often in the past. If you search our Sneaker News for the keyword Nike By You you will find some selfmade styles and of course all the necessary explanations and info about Nike's design platform. Have fun!