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Nike Air Force 1 - the latest trend models

January 31, 2021 12:14 PM
Nike Air Force 1 - the latest trend models

Still, or again, the Air Force 1 is THE shoe of the past months and years. The top model from Nike is an absolute bestseller and is totally on trend. Great as an everyday shoe and really comfortable, the Air Force 1 also goes perfectly with many outfits. We take a closer look at some of the latest models and show you which colorways you can't go wrong with.

The Air Force 1 was born as a basketball shoe and had a huge impact on the sneaker scene. However, there was a time, especially when the Air Max was all the rage, when the Air Force 1 only played a supporting role. Now that the hype around the shoes is absolutely on top again, it's time for you to get to know the latest colorways. Have fun!

Nike Air Force 1 LXX 'Sea Glass'

First of all, I have the Nike Air Force 1 LXX 'Sea Glass' for you. The shoe comes in a beige colorway, is very clean and costs 110€. The special thing about the LXX version is the deconstructed look and the print on the Swoosh.

The good thing is that the shoe is still available at some retailers and you have a good chance of finding the right size for you. Just follow the link or click on the picture.

Nike Air Force 1 Modelle

Nike Air Force 1 '07 LX 'Mini Swooshes'

The Nike Air Force 1 '07 LX 'Mini Swooshes' comes in a super clean white with cool little details. Small mini swooshes are attached to the side of the shoe in a shiny silver. This certainly makes for an eye-catcher. Cost: 110€.


Nike Air Force 1 '07 'Metal Frame'

The third shoe I have for you is the Nike Air Force 1 '07 'Metal Frame'. Again in white and very clean, but the shoe is still pretty special because of the metal look around the Swoosh.

This Air Force can be bought at Nike for 110€, which is the standard price for the Air Force 1 models.

Air Force 1 Modelle

NIKE AIR FORCE 1 KSA (GS) 'WHITE' for more sustainability

Many manufacturers are increasingly starting to implement the topic of sustainability in their models. While in the beginning it was only special models that were something special, like the Nike Space Hippie, there are now also the usual models that are at least partly made of recycled materials.

The Nike Air Force 1 KSA (GS) 'White' is made of at least 20% recycled material. Just click on the picture to get to the offer. The sneaker costs only 89,95€, but is also 'only' available in the smaller sizes.

Air Force 1 Modelle

A slightly different shape - the Nike Air Force Pixel

The Air Force Pixel models have a slightly different design and are slightly wider at the sole. With the leopard colorway and leather upper, the shoe is still great for daily wear.

Despite a slightly different design, the shoe will still cost you €110. The leopard pattern can add the finishing touch to your outfit, so follow the link below.

Air Force Pixel

Double Swoosh Style with the Nike Air Force 1 Double Swoosh 'White'

Nike has been using the double swoosh for a while now. The brand logo can be found twice on some jumpers and hoodies, for example. Now there is the Nike Air Force 1 Double Swoosh 'White' with two swooshes on the side of the shoe.

If you like the trend, you can buy the shoe for 110€.

Air Force 1 Double Swoosh

Nike Air Force 1 '07 Essential 'Summit White'

Next in line is the Air Force 1 '07 in the 'Summit White' colorway. The sneaker also has a double Swoosh in blue and red. Such small details make the shoe really special, but at the same time it is still super wearable in everyday life. The Nike Air logo on the back of the heel is also subtly red.

The shoe was recently released by Nike and costs €99.99.

AF1 '07 Essential 'Summit White'

We have even more for you

Now we're talking about the Nike Air Force 1 '07 LX 'Desert, which convinces with its eye-catching colours. An ideal autumn or winter sneaker is waiting for you here.

The shoe is again made from 20% recycled material. The upper is also made from at least 50% recycled leather fibre and synthetic materials. The cool and sustainable design will cost you 110€.

07 LX 'Desert

Nike Air Force '07 Essential

The penultimate shoe is a non-white shoe. It's the Nike Air Force '07 Essential in this beautiful brown colorway.

Like the white Essential, the shoe has two mini swooshes in black and rose on the side. Otherwise, a really chic and currently super trendy colurway for autumn/winter. Cost: 99,99€.

Air Force 1

The last in the series…

Who would have thought that the last sneaker in a post about Air Force 1 would be an Air Force again? But all joking aside, dear community! The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Team Red & Volt' is a really nice shoe.

Super colourful and a real eye-catcher. The Shadow models are currently very popular and can be bought for 110€. Check out the shoes for yourself and click on the image or follow the link below to see all retailers at a glance.

Now you know what's currently in trend. Check out our Sneaker News to make sure you don't miss any of the latest sneakers.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Team Red & Volt'