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Nike Air Force 1 LX 'Tear Away': One shoe, two styles

April 24, 2020 5:24 PM
Nike Air Force 1 LX 'Tear Away': One shoe, two styles

One shoe, two styles? Sorry? There's something super cool behind that weird description! I can promise you that: You haven't seen much of this before. The Nike Air Force 1 LX 'Tear Away' lives up to its name and comes in a layered look. But what exactly does that mean? That and what the great idea behind it is, we'll tell you now. Be curious!

But before that, the release info. With a click on the button you will get to the list of all retailers and you can also set up a release alert, so you won't miss the special sneaker. On April 25, 2020 the time has come. From 09:00 am you can call this Nike Air Force 1 your own. The price for this crazy sneaker is €110.

Nike Air Force 1 LX - 'Tear Away'

Tear Away. That's a funny name for a shoe? Not in this case. Because that's the whole concept of the Air Force. So we're going to start this blog right off with the highlight: Our new Nike Air Force seems simple at first glance. Chic in white, as we've loved it for years, with an upper that looks like a canvas of fabric. Striking on the Swoosh - little crosses and a scissors symbol, like you have to cut something out. But of course that can't be. Or can it? On the toe box we find another inscription: Tear Here. Wait a minute, seriously? We really should take the top off the sneaker ??

Yep! That's the idea right here ?. What do you say? Awesome!! Or should I say what? No way! We think it's brilliant what Nike has come up with. And why we think so, we will show you in detail:


Just wow! I can only imagine how weird it has to feel to tear apart your beloved, precious Nike Air Force 1. But luckily, the result is a pretty cool one! And best of all, you decide how far you want to go! From just cutting out the Swoosh to getting away with everything - you have the power. Of course you can also leave the sneaker as it is. Or you can change its look from time to time within a certain period of time.

Do I actually have said awesome ?? Maybe you haven't noticed it yet, but I'm totally thrilled ! But fun aside! Nike has come up with something really great here and gave the Nike Air Force 1 LX the 'Tear Away' look. Beauty comes from the inside. And then yes, also from the outside. You know what I mean ?!

Tear Away!


One side like this and the other like that, that would be something, wouldn't it? But enough speculation. I'm sure you're doing something really good with your new Nike Air Force 1 LX 'Tear Away'. As you can see here, apart from the cover, the shoe comes with a high quality leather upper and nice colors. From April 25, 2020 at 09:00 am you can create your own design for €110.


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