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Nigel Sylvester as new member of the Jumpman family

September 17, 2021 4:00 PM
Nigel Sylvester as new member of the Jumpman family

Nigel Sylvester joins Jordan and becomes an official partner of the brand. With this, Nigel is also the first BMX-er to become part of the Jumpman family.

Who is Nigel Sylvester?

Nigel Sylvester is an American BMX-er from the city of New York. However, the athlete is not only known for his professional skills on stunt bikes. Nigel is also known for his BMX videos called 'Go' on Youtube.

In these videos, the BMX-er shows his adventures from his own perspective, riding past famous monuments and places. Nigel has more than 500,000 followers on Youtube and his videos are viewed millions of times.

Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1

The BMX player has worked with Jordan once before. The two teamed up in 2018 for the Air Jordan 1 x Nigel Sylvester. At the time of the collaboration, the model brought with it an off-white colour scheme, with a small display of black and red. The silhouette also had a number of details that referred to cycling.

For example, the shoe appears to have stains and damage. Nigel told us that BMX-ers often get these stains and damages because the stuntbikes don't have brakes. This means they have to brake with their feet.

The model also has a reflecting Swoosh, which is an important detail for cyclists. In this way, they are easily recognised when riding through busy cities.

The cyclist on the cooperation

Nigel is very excited about his collaboration with Jordan and can't wait to make his first steps as an official partner. Not only was the Air Jordan 1 his go-to sneaker while riding, now the athlete finally gets the chance to share his passion for cycling with the brand.

During an interview, the athlete announced that he had always been a big fan of Michael Jordan. Nigel said that before BMX, he often watched videos of the famous basketball player.

"It's an incredible feeling to be signed as an official athlete of the Jordan Brand family. Michael Jordan blazed a trail by constantly striving for greatness and breaking down barriers for athletes from every walk of life. His legacy is one that I've looked towards for inspiration throughout my career. It's surreal to get his co-sign and welcome into such an elite team and family of world-class athletes."

Nigel Sylvester

Michael Jordan was also one of the reasons why the cyclist likes to wear Air Jordan 1s. For example, Nigel has released a number of stunt bikes whose colour schemes are inspired by these sneakers.

Image by @NigelSylvester

Unfortunately, we don't know much about the Nigel Sylvester-Jordan collaboration yet. When the two will drop their first items is not yet known.

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