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New Balance 550 - A tribute to the 90s look

September 15, 2021 4:00 PM
New Balance 550 - A tribute to the 90s look

In this post, we take a look at the New Balance 550 range. What made the shoes so popular in the past? Which models are currently still available? Are there already plans for upcoming models or rumours about possible releases?

New Balance in Trend

The New Balance brand has managed to become a real alternative for sneaker fans in the last two years. The sneaker market, which has been dominated by Nike in recent years, has experienced real added value with some models from the New Balance range.

Since the lower hype around the adidas Yeezys, the limited kicks in recent years have often been about the Jordan Brand or the Nike and Nike SB silhouettes. New Balance managed to create more variety with beautiful collaborations, such as the streetwear label 'Aime Leon Dore' and great designs.

The two heavyweights adidas and Nike will also welcome this change, as further attention is generally good for the industry and competition stimulates business.


If you already have an NB 550 in your shoe closet, you can take a look at the New Balance Online Shop to find out about other great models. If you want to, just click on the button below. For everyone else, we now continue with exciting New Balance 550 models in retail and resell.

You should have seen these NB 550 models

Below we present a selection of NB550 colorways. Some of the models are available for resale, others for retail. More details can be found at the respective model.

Small note: Resell prices often depend on the different sizes, which is why the price cannot always be clearly determined here.

New Balance 550 'White/Green' | BB550WT1

First up we have the NB550 in the 'White/Green' colorway. Unfortunately, the shoes are no longer available at any of our retail partners, but you can go directly to the resell platforms via the link below. Depending on the size you have to expect a purchase price between €150-200.

The upper is made of leather and suede and convinces with a beautiful colour scheme. This popular colorway was officially released at the beginning of August 2021.


New Balance BB550LM1 'Black & White'

Next up is the New Balance BB550 LM1 in 'Black & White'. The shoe has the same colourblocking as the 'White/Green' you have already seen above. Unfortunately, this version is already out of stock, but still available on various resell platforms. Again, you should have between €150-200 at your disposal, in the smaller sizes even a little over €200. Check it out for yourself below.


New Balance 550 Black Red

This version of the 550 series is not available at our partners, but you can purchase at a reseller for anywhere between €100-€250 depending on the size!

The basketball classic from the 90s comes in a combination of black with some red accents. The upper is made of leather, mesh and synthetic. The design is rounded off by the rubber outsole.

New Balance 550

New Balance 550 Aimé Leon Dore Natural Green

We continue with the totally popular collaboration from New Balance with Aimé Leon Dore on the 550 model. The natural green look convinces with its chic colour scheme and the great vintage design.

The authentic retro kicks are unfortunately not for the small purse and cost well over €400. If you still don't want to miss out on this sneaker, just take a look at the link below.

New Balance 550

New Balance BB550LA1 'University Gold' - Premium Pack

Last but not least, I've picked out the NB550 'University Gold' for you. Because the shoe only consists of two colours, yellow and white, it is so simple and beautiful at the same time. The small area of grey overlays rounds off the design. Depending on the size, you can get the shoe from €160 upwards.

New Balance 550

What awaits us soon

As you probably know, you can view all upcoming sneakers in our release calendar. In addition to a list of stores that carry your favourite shoe, you can also search for specific models.