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Karhu - the new Hockey Pack is here!

September 30, 2020 11:24 AM
Karhu - the new Hockey Pack is here!

Our favourite Finns from Karhu have a really chic sneaker pack in coming again. This time it's going back to the roots under the roof of the Hockey Pack at Karhu. The Finnish brand started out selling mainly sports accessories, such as hockey sticks. Besides, Hockey in Finland is much more than just a sport! If you want to know more about the history of Karhu, we have prepared something for you here. But today is supposed to be about the Hockey Pack and Karhu is going to hit one chic Colorway after the other on her most popular silhouettes.

But one thing after another, dear community: First of all we have the release information here for you: The sneakers from the Hockey Pack will celebrate their release on Friday, 2nd October 2020. From 0:00 o'clock on you can get the styles at different retailers. Which shoe costs what and where you can buy the kicks, we will get to that now:

Karhu Aria 95 Hockey Pack 'Surf the Web'

We will get the model of the Karhu Aria 95 twice. Starting here with the bright colorway with it's super nice colour combination. Finland and hockey, that is like football or cricket for us here in the UK. And with the new Hockey Pack you can clearly see the love for the ice sport. But also independent of this background Karhu has carved out some really chic designs here.

This colorway comes in white, with beige accents and coloured highlights in blue and red. The Finnsport lettering reminds you of the connection to hockey and the Karhu history. Also the play with the materials we know from Karhu is beautifully implemented here.

The kicks will cost you 129€! Retailers:

Karhu Aria 95 Surf the Web
karhu Aria 95 hockey pack

Karhu Aria 95 Hockey Pack 'Purple Heater'

The darker colorway of this model comes with overlays of black suede and colour highlights in purple and beige. On these two colorways you can see how versatile the Karhu models can be. The Aria model convinces with its mesh elements in combination with the overlays.

Here the price is 130€. You can see a list of all retailers by clicking the button!

Karhu Aria 95
Karhu Aria 95 Purple Heater

Karhu Synchron Classic Hockey Pack 'Blue Wing Teal'

The model of the Synchron is also very popular. The asymmetric lacing system is special here and, in addition, the kicks are characterised by a mix of high-quality materials. Optically, the black is beautifully combined with blue tones and white elements round off the look. You might have noticed that the sole is also designed very differently than on the Aria 95 models and comes with Karhu cushioning that makes you feel like walking on clouds. Or like fresh snow, which is perhaps more appropriate here.

This model from the new Hockey Pack by Karhu will also cost you 130€:

Karhu Synchron Hockey Pack
Karhu Synchron Klassik

Karhu Lecagy 96 Hockey Pack 'Gray Violet'

Also with the new Hockey Pack you can see how good the boys and girls of Karhu are at creating special colorways. A model in a different style is the Legacy 96 which comes here in a chic grey. Of course there are also some colourful highlights which underline the design elements of the silhouette.

This is your favo? Then you can buy the sneaker for 125€ here:

Karhu Legacy 96 Gray Violet
Karhu Legacy 96 Hockey Pack

Karhu Fusion 2.0 Hockey Pack 'White'

I admit it, dear community, I have saved my personal highlight for last! The Fusion 2.0 convinces with its many details in design and the unusual lacing system. Here we get a brighter colorway in the Karhu Hockey Pack. Characteristic for the Fusion is also a coloured element on the toe and one on the heel. Here they come in black and in a chic grey tone.

The merger will also be available for 140€ from 2 October 2020:

Karhu Fusion 2.0 Hockey Pack
Karhu Hockey Pack

To remind you again, dear community: the nice pack of Karhu will drop on Friday, October 2, 2020. If you want to learn more about the brand and their current sneaker styles, you will find a lot of input in our Sneaker News under the search word Karhu.