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Karhu - this is how the likeable Finns have conquered the sneaker game

September 18, 2020 2:58 PM
Karhu - this is how the likeable Finns have conquered the sneaker game

How much do you already know about Karhu, dear community? The sports brand from Finland with its great styles is getting more and more into the spotlight and therefore we want to put the brand and its best sneakers into the spotlight today. Let's go!

Your #TheCrew Background Check

Karhu' is Finnish and means translated: bear. The brand was founded in 1916, but the original products then were discus and spears. But the first running shoes were also developed at that time. And so, soon after the brand was founded, a number of top athletes were acquired for the brand: Among them for example the Finnish javelin throwing team that competed in the Olympic Games in 1920. A first milestone for Karhu.

A few years later the product range has expanded and developed further and more and more sportsmen joined the Finnish brand. Karhu was one of the most important sports shoe manufacturers at the Olympic Games in its home country Helsinki in 1952. With the 60's Karhu also experienced another absolute boom. Other materials have been used, and a few years later the Air Cushion System has been installed in the soles.

The model of the Karhu Air Champion was sold more than 1.000.000 times at that time. Even today the sneaker is still very popular and over the years many more sport and lifestyle silhouettes are added. Some of them we would like to introduce you to today! As you can easily see from this little glimpse into history, Karhu is constantly coming up with innovative ideas and changes. The colours, the sporty and slightly different style and of course the charm from the north are convincing today!

Karhu Sneaker

Karhu and its sneakers

With the Karhu sneakers you always notice a bit of the sporty background of the brand, for example this year the Marathon Pack has already dropped. Popular models are the Karhu Fusion 2.0, the Legay 96 and also the Synchron Classic.

For example, what do you think of this Legacy 96? The upper of the sneaker bases on soft mesh and suede. The beautiful red colour stands out and makes the look unique. The white midsoles complete the look. This silhouette is generally a bit lighter in design, but you can see the connection to sports here as well.

Karhu Legacy 96
Legacy 96 Karhu

Appropriately, some new Karhu sneakers have only just celebrated their release on 18 September 2020. Here the Colour of Mood Pack goes into the second round. To introduce you to the Fusion 2.0 model, we have chosen this new drop, the Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Pale Aqua'.

The Fusion 2.0 comes here with a white leather upper, combined with some overlays. Also in this style we get some high quality suede elements on the toe and heel, which could be said to suit the Finnish temperatures. Functional, soft textile at the entry and the good cushioning make the trend sneaker comfortable. And what do you think of these colours?

Karhu Fusion 2.0
Fusion 2.0 Karhu

Part of the first Colour of Mood Pack by Karhu, which also came out recently, was also the model of the Synchron. Today we would like to introduce the Karhu Synchron Classic Colour of Mood 'Jazzy'. Of course, this model too, at first glance, catches the eye with its great colours, which are perfect for autumn.

The Synchron models are particularly convincing with their innovative lacing system. This ensures a super fit on the foot and great comfort. A reinforced heel cup supports the heel's resilience. The upper is again consisting mesh and suede.

More of Karhu!!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight, dear community. Of course Karhu has a lot more to offer. If you are interested in more models and stories, just click here and you get to our Sneaker News.

But also our sneaker collection is full of chic Karhu kicks and In my opinion, you have to see that! Just click here. Have fun with the great styles of Karhu!

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