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Jaden Smith 'Ninety' MV & the New Balance 990v5?!

May 25, 2020 5:53 PM
Jaden Smith 'Ninety' MV & the New Balance 990v5?!

After almost 3 years Jaden Smith has released his music video for the single 'Ninety' from his album 'SYRE' on May 21, 2020, but what does this have to do with the New Balance 990v5? All this you can find out here! More information about the New Balance 990v5 can be found below! Back to the music video - it's called 'Ninety - A Poem by SYRE' and you get here 8 a minute long, aesthetic and super nice vid! Actually a good move by Jaden, because everyone is at home at the moment and the music video was dropped from nothing! As of today the video has been viewed almost 2 million times! By the way, pay attention to what kind of kickz the boy has on in the video! But enough teasered - we have linked the video below for you! Enjoy and don't forget - boxing on and off it goes!

So, how did you like the video? Not as weird as his 'Loop' videos for his other album 'ERYS'. Fun fact - read the word 'SYRE' backwards! Did you think of anything?

New IG posts?!

Before his music video was released he only teasered his merch (fig.1)! The Instagram posts, we have of course, linked below for you. Also you can find the IG post at the day the music video was released (fig.2). But not so hastily dear community, read the description of the 2nd post! Also after it's release he posted a IG 'reminder' post again (fig.3)! You can find the post down below! Enjoy peeps!
'Fig.1: Merch IG Post Teaser'
''Fig.2: READ the description'
''Fig.3: Post after MV Release'

Jaden: The road to the New Balance deal!

Before Jaden Smith spit bars, he followed the footsteps of his father Will Smith. He became the Prince of Bel-Air. - Oops wrong movie or my memory isn't the best... . All jokes beside dear community! Jaden Smith was born in 1998 in Malibu and he was not the first born of the family. Besides Jaden, there are Trey Smith and Willow Smith as well as Jada Pinkett Smith, the mum of the Smith's Kids. Will Smith ... okey it's official that is a famous and successful family!

But back to Jaden Smith, who played for the first time a role in the 'science fiction film' - 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. That means he was on the set with Keanu Reeves, right? - Yes, exactly the 'little' Jaden starred in the Sci-Fi movie with Keanu Reeves! Afterwards he starred in the new 'Karate Kid Movie'. You know who else was in that movie? Yeah, my uncle Jackie Chan was in it. It was a short recap of Jaden's movie career. Upps, almost forgot he also had a role in the movie 'The Persuit of Happiness' with his dad Will Smith!

New Balance deal? Where are you?

So near, but also so far… enough with poetry and to last year's New Balance campaign with Jaden Smith! What you missed it or you don't know the New Balance promotion? New Balance has promoted the 'New Balance 997' silhouette in 2019 and included celebrities like Kawhi Leonard, Sadio Mane, Sydney McLaughlin, Jamie Foy and Francisco Lindor in the video. Guess which track is running in the background! Tip: This is a song from his album 'ERYS'. As usual we have added the video for you! Enjoy!

By the way: There is another promo video with Jaden Smith alone! You can also hear his music track in the background. Jaden tells in his promo video 'I want to inspire people' or 'create as much art' - actually it's inspiration for the young people among you! But yes, no offense, the 'inspiration' is for everyone! You can find the video below!

New Balance 990v5

Have you already discovered the New Balance 990v5? No? That's probably because the shoe has not been shown yet in this article! But yes, we don't want to keep you waiting for too long and so we have linked the IG post with the shoe down below! Watch out for the 'caption', which is 'I'll Love You Till I'm Ninety' and it's the second picture in the post! Just click on the arrow down below!

Good news party people, we have rummaged through our Sneaker Collection and picked out the sneaker for you! How you can cop the shoe? Just click on the button below or on the picture!

Jaden Smith New Balance 990v5

Hope you liked the blog and yes my uncle Jackie liked it too for sure! And take a look at our Newsblog!