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In Check: The Patta Online Shop

December 4, 2020 9:01 AM
In Check: The Patta Online Shop

Hello friends, today we take a closer look at the online shop of Patta. As you might know, our office is in the Netherlands. In the streetwear scene here in the Netherlands, Patta is even more known than in Germany or otherwise in Europe for example. Sure, many people know Patta, but the hype about Patta is even bigger here. So we take a closer look at their online shop and see what their colleagues have to offer. If you prefer to look around yourself, just click on the button and come to the Patta Shop.

What is available in the Patta Online Shop?

As we are mainly dealing with sneakers, they are of course not to be missed. Patta has a large selection of shoes here. The cool thing is, Patta has their own sneakers in the shop. For example there is a collaboration with Vans, the result is the Patta x Vans Chukka 79 in the Gold Fusion Colorway. The shoe costs you 110€.

Just click on the picture below to get to the offer.

Patta Online Shop
Patta x Vans Chukka 79

Of course, Patta does not only have its own shoes on offer. You will find a really good selection of sneakers there. You can find the most popular models from Nike, adidas, Converse etc. So if you are looking for a new Air Max or Reebok, you will surely find the right offer. You also have a cool feature in the footwear section, you can use the search function 'Last Chance' to see which shoes are almost sold out and with a little luck you can find a pair in your size.

Apparel selection at Patta

When it comes to the selection of streetwear clothes, Patta relies on her own brand, among other things. You will find in the online shop, unlike the sneakers, much more of her own clothes. I have found some really cool stuff, which I will now present to you below. If there is something for you, just click on the picture and you'll get directly to the offer.

Napapijri x Martine Rose

Let's start with a really cool sweatshirt. It's the Napapijri x Martine Rose Half-Zip Sweatshirt. It comes in the green/white/yellow colorway and unfortunately it's not for the small purse. The good piece costs 280€, but is Made in Italy.


Patta Polartec Grid

The second one is a zip-sweater again, but this time from Patta itself. The jumper comes in a bone white colorway and costs you 160€.

Patta Zip

Patta Sport Quilted Jacket

Finally I have a Patta Sport Jacket in black/green for you. This time again a piece of the Patta label. The jacket is made in China and costs 180€.

There is even more

There is much more to discover in the Patta Shop. You can find accessories like backpacks, bottle openers or wallets. Sneaker accessories like the cleaning sets or the Patta socks are still waiting for you in the shop. A little tip: If you are still looking for a christmas present you can have a look at the accessories and maybe you will find it. Just follow the link here.

If you don't want to miss any more news and leaks from the sneaker scene, then have a look at our Sneaker News. There you will always be up to date for all upcoming releases.