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Grailshouse Resell made in the Netherlands

December 6, 2020 9:00 AM
Grailshouse Resell made in the Netherlands

What's good Community, we all know the reseller platforms, StockX, Grailed Flight Club, etc. but who of you knows the Dutch store Grailshouse? Probably the fewest and that's why we will introduce it to you in more detail today.

Grailshouse - this is what the store has to offer

So as you might expect from a reseller store they have some limited edition sneakers. At the moment the assortment of the store consists mainly of Jordan 1 and Off White Nikes, very hyped sneakers you won't find at any classic retailer.

However Grailshouse doesn't only offer sneakers, but also hip pieces from the streetwear scene. The Dutch shop offers a lot of Supreme and Palace, including the brand new Supreme Cross Box Logo Hoodies, which were only released on Thursday. But that's not all, besides Supreme and Palace clothes, there are also some accessories on offer. For example the Supreme fishbowl. So if your goldfish is looking for a new home at home, why not treat it to one with Supreme on it?

So all this sounds like a normal reseller store, as we find it more and more often in the UK. But what makes this store so special?


Grailshouse Sneakerboxen

The store also sells boxes in which you can display your sneakers. This means that you can not only buy sneakers that look good on the street, but also the accessories that make them look good in your home. So you can hit two birds with one stone while shopping.

Do you know what the best thing about the boxes is? You can win them in our advent calendar. You can find all information about it, by clicking here.

So good luck and maybe soon you will own some new sneaker boxes, so that your sneakers look really good at home too.