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Cheer your country to victory with football jerseys from adidas

July 5, 2024 4:00 PM
Cheer your country to victory with football jerseys from adidas

We've been looking forward to this for months, and now the quarter-finals are just around the corner. On 5 July 2024, Germany and Spain will face off in the first quarter-final. The excitement is building, and fans around the world are gearing up for two days of passion and competition. Who will advance to the semi-finals and move one step closer to the championship?

Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Scotland, and Spain have all received unique shirts from adidas. Sadly, some teams have been knocked out, but these shirts still exude a fantastic retro vibe, fitting perfectly with the growing trend of wearing football shirts as lifestyle items. Below, we'll take you through the different kits!

Below we take you through the different tenues!

EK kits adidas

adidas has designed both all home and away shirts for the countries we mentioned before. The shirts were created in collaboration with the countries, and each exudes pride and togetherness. Each shirt reflects the traditions and modern styles of the respective countries.

In addition, the lightweight jerseys are equipped with advanced technologies such as HEAT.RDY and AEROREADY.

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Let's start with Belgium, the home shirt of our southern neighbors is colored dark red in homage to the national flag and inspired by Belgian architecture and fashion. The neck reads "1895," the founding year of the Belgian Football Association.

The away shirt is light blue and celebrates Belgian art, with a nod to Hergé and Tintin. Both shirts feature a mosaic pattern of 3D checks and geometric lines, inspired by the emblem of the Royal Belgian Football.


Our other neighbor, Germany, will shine for the last time in a shirt made by adidas, which is a disappointment to many. After 70 years, the German national team is swapping adidas for Nike.

Germany's home shirt features the classic colors of white, black, red, and yellow. The away shirt is strikingly different with shades of pink and purple, inspired by the digital world of the metaverse. Both shirts share a distinctive pattern.


Spain stays true to their classic red color for the home shirt, inspired by the human and natural world with progressive themes. The away shirt is a beautiful yellow, referring to national flowers and vibrant beaches.


Italy's home shirt is of course striking blue again, with stripes in the colors of the flag along the shoulders for a fresh look. The away shirt is the real gem here, with a white base and green and red accents representing the flag. What makes this shirt really special is the text "L'ITALIA CHIAMO" from the national anthem, printed on the back.


Scotland's home shirt retains classic colors with a modernized tartan graphic on a dark blue base. The away shirt stands out with a light base color and purple detailing, inspired by an iconic tee from the 1990s.


Hungary will appear in a red jersey created by adidas to unite Hungarians around the world, taking inspiration from the national team's flag and emblem. The away shirt follows the same theme, but with a white color scheme representing the moving Hungarian flag. The back reads "Only Together" for added connection.

These are the adidas football kits we've seen shine on TV several times now. Which one is your favourite? Don't forget to complete your look with the right sneakers, like the adidas terrace sneakers. These sneakers started as a craze in football stadiums and have since become a cultural phenomenon. Check them out via the button below!