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Alexander McQueen - British luxury sneaker

September 17, 2020 8:59 AM
Alexander McQueen - British luxury sneaker

Luxury fashion and luxury sneakers, those things always comes out of France or Italy. Most of the time this is the case, but only most of the time, as the 'Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers', one of the most hyped luxury sneakers of the last seasons, does not come out of Paris or Milan, but out of London. So how is it, that an English shoe, is now at the top of the luxury sneaker scene?

This is due to several things, on the one hand the absolutely trendy silhouette. On the other hand, 'Alexander McQueen' has also been known as a luxury label for quite some time.

Alexander McQueen- The Story behind the brand

The brand 'Alexander McQueen' first 20 years are also the story of Lee Alexander McQueen. Lee Alexander McQueen is a British fashion designer, who unfortunately has already passed away. McQueen developed his love for fashion in his youth, as he had to tailor clothes for his sisters. Therefore he studied at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Designs in London, where he graduated in 1992. Only one year later he founded his brand, 'Alexander McQueen'. Due to his unconventional fashion shows, at which he for example, shows bloodstained models on the catwalk, the label quickly gained attention. However, the first opinions about 'Alexander McQueen' are rather negative, his clothes are called "Enfant Terrible" ("holligan of fashion"). To give you a better picture of this "Enfant terrible" show, here are the iconic moments of Alexander McQueen.

Things are going up for the brand rapidly and the designer who is voted "British Designer of the Year" four times. For the first time in 1997. In 1997 Lee McQueen becomes Givenchy's designer, but only until 2000. 2000 he also sells 51% of 'Alexander McQueen' to Kering (parent company of Gucci). However, he is allowed to remain Creative Director. In the next few years several milestones follow. On the one hand, own stores are opened in fashion metropolises like London, Milan and New York. On the other hand, the first men's collection is presented at Milan Fashion Week in 2005. At this point 'Alexander McQueen' is already established in the fashion scene and Lee Alexander McQueen is one of the most respected designers in the world, until he takes his own life in 2010.

After Lee Alexander McQueen

Even without the founder and designer, the brand 'Alexander McQueen' continues. A former intern of Lee McQueen takes over the role as designer of the brand. Sarah Burton, who designed Catherine Middleton's dress at Prince William's wedding shortly after her appointment as Creative Director at Alexander McQueen, leads 'Alexander McQueen' into the future.

Through and thanks to Sarah Burton, the Alexander McQueen brand is still a well-known fashion brand today.

Alexander McQueen Sneaker

What are these so hyped Alexander McQueen sneakers?

Especially a model of Alexander McQueen sneakers, the Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker, is very trendy. A Chunky Sneaker that has been around for a few seasons now, but still is very trendy. Because the sneaker has been in the hype for so long, there are now countless different colourways and variations. Therefore here are our Top Alexander McQueen Sneakers.

P.S If you like the sneakers you can always go directly to the product page via the pictures.

The OG

Let's start with the OG colorway. The design is simple, most of the leather uppers are simply white, only the details on the heel are different. The background of the heel tag is black and on it Alexander McQueen is written in gold. All in all a super plain white sneaker that looks good with everything, but skinny jeans.

The Reverse OG

Let's continue with the exact counterpart. This time all parts except the sole, that were white on OG, are black and all black parts are white. Like the OG, this black version is also very simple and can therefore be combined with almost everything.

Alexander McQueen Sneaker schwarz
schwarzer Alexander McQueen
Oversized Sneaker Schwarz
Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker Schwarz

Dunk Low Syracuse ?

Now onto something way more eye-catching. A sneaker, that reminds me of the Nike Dunk Low 'Syracuse'. The Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker with orange accents and a transparent sole. The orange on the heel day and on the sole give the shoe a super summery and positive vibe and the transparent sole makes the shoe look much brighter.

Alexander McQueen Sneaker Orange
Oversize Sneaker Orange
Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker Orange Heel
Alexander McQueen oversized sneaker organe

Oversized Runner

Next up there is the OG Colorway again, but on a slightly modified silhouette. This is not the Oversized Sneaker, but the Alexander McQueen Oversized Runner. At first sight, this sneaker looks as clunky, as the Oversized Sneaker, but the Oversized Runner has a more sporty cut.

Oversized Runner
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen Oversized
Alexander McQueen Oversized Runner

Glitter for the girls

The best comes at the end, so now there is a Colorway for girls only. Back to the oversized sneaker, in an absolutely eye-catching and shrill Colorway, the Glitter Look. With this version the shoe glitters ,thanks to its special uppers, due to that, the sneaker is an absolute eye-catcher.

Alexander McQueen glitter
Alexander McQueen Glitzer
Alexander McQueen glitter Sneaker
Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker Glitter

That's it for the Alexander McQueen sneakers, for more stories like these check out our blogs and updates. If you are interested in, what sneakers will be released in the near future, check out our release calendar.