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These glitter sneakers will have you dancing all night long 🕺

September 2, 2021 12:00 PM
These glitter sneakers will have you dancing all night long 🕺

The clubs and discos are unfortunately not open yet, but according to the corona easement, we will be back on the dance floor all night long before the end of the year. For this first evening after a long time without, we all want to look stylish. With glitter sneakers, you will steal the show.

To help you find the best glitter sneakers for the parties and festivals coming up, we have made a special glitter selection for you. Scroll down to see the list. Would you rather make your own choice between all the glitter kicks that are currently available? Then click on the button below.

Glitter sneakers for festivals

For festivals, you need shoes that are comfortable, but that can also withstand bad weather and rough surfaces. A sturdy sole is very important. With the four glitter sneakers below, you will have a stylish and comfortable weekend at the same time.

Converse Glitter Platform Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

We start with the Converse Glitter Platform Chuck Taylor All Star High Top. This model has a platform sole, so the terrain doesn't matter. This shoe is always comfortable to walk in. On the upper there is a lot of glitter.

What is extra nice is that you can personalise this silhouette. For example, you can give the tongue an animal print or you can use different colours of glitter.

This sneaker costs €110.00. Is this silhouette something for you? Then click on the image below.

Converse Glitter Sneaker Platform Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Buffalo London

This silhouette from Buffalo London catches the eye immediately. The upper features holographic and glitter panels. Pink and blue cover this upper.

This shoe has an even higher and thicker sole than the Converse one above. This sole is grey and is five centimetres high. This way, you won't have a problem looking out over taller people either.

This model costs €189.00 and is available via the image below.

Buffalo London

Vans UV Glitter Old Skool

The Vans UV Glitter Old Skool are perfect for festivals when the sun is shining. When you order and receive this pair, the upper is a light green colour. As soon as you step out into the sun, it turns pink.

Naturally, there is a lot of glitter on the upper, which is extra visible when the upper is coloured pink. The sole of this model is a lot thinner, but remains comfortable for longer days.

This Old Skool is now on discount and costs €63.00. Be quick by clicking on the image below.

Vans UV Glitter sneaker Old Skool
Vans UV Glitter sneaker Old Skool

adidas Rivalry Low | FW9618

This glitter sneaker from adidas, the Rivalry Low, has a leather upper in black. Glitter appears between the three adidas stripes and on the heel.

The rest of the upper is made up of all sorts of different colours, making this pair really stand out. This model is for the partygoer who likes glitter when it's subtly incorporated.

The Rivalry is now on sale and costs £74.96. Click on the image below to score this silhouette.

adidas Rivalry Low

Glitter sneakers for night clubs and discos

In winter, we would all rather be indoors than at a cold festival wearing our thick winter coats. That's why we have selected four pairs that are not suitable for a festival, but are still suitable for a night out.

Nike DBreak | DH4263-100

The Nike DBreak is a stylish and comfortable glitter sneaker. The upper is made of mesh, allowing the shoe to move easily so you can dance freely.

The overlays are in silver. The Swoosh and the heeltab are covered in a lot of glitter. When wearing this model, just be careful not to get any beer on it, as the upper is white.

This model is now on sale at €69,97. Is this a pair for you? Then click on the image to add it to your shopping cart.

Nike DBreak

Converse Glitter Chuck 70 High Top

The Chuck 70 has been transformed into a sneaker you cannot miss when going out. The upper is black with blue, black and white glitter.

This pair is easier to wear to the club as the sole is not too thick and the upper is made of canvas. The flat sole allows you to pull off all your dance moves.

This pair costs €110 and is personalisable. Click on the image below to add it to your collection.

Converse Glitter Sneaker Chuck 70 High Top

Alexander McQueen Tread Slick

This glitter sneaker by Alexander McQueen steals the show. The sole is very unique and consists of different layers. Finally, it is four centimetres high.

The upper looks a bit like a low Chuck Taylor, but has been made completely McQueen's own. The upper has so many silver glitters that the sneaker itself is almost a disco ball.

This model is a bit more expensive than the rest and costs €520.00. Click on the image to shop this pair.

Alexander McQueen

Jimmy Choo Hawaii/F

Jimmy Choo also likes a bit of glitter. The upper of the Hawaii/F model is completely covered with glitter in all colours of the rainbow. A real eye-catcher.

Above the glitter, leather stitching outlines the collar, toe box, lacing eyelets and nose. Showing only the outline gives the model a unique look.

This pair is in the same price range as the Alexander McQueen's and costs €475.00. Click on the image to purchase.

Jimmy Choo

Hopefully this selection has given you enough inspiration for your next pair of glitter sneakers. Do you want to read news about kicks more often? Follow us on Instagram and check our blogs regularly.