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adidas Adilicious: where sneakers and food come together

June 28, 2022 2:10 PM
adidas Adilicious: where sneakers and food come together

With the new Adilicious series, adidas bridges the gap between sneakers and food. The series consists of eleven of adidas' most iconic silhouettes, each inspired by a unique dining occasion from around the world.

adidas Adilicious

The restaurants that participated in the collection were selected for their history and influence on the local community. Not only do these restaurants serve great food, but they are also places where different cultures come together. Through sneakers, these local eateries tell their story.

First to drop in June will be Taegeukdang (Seoul), Ravi (Dubai) and Bloody Angle (Tokyo). Then it's up to Cuts & Slices (New York), Howlin' Ray's (Los Angeles), Taqueria Orinoco (Mexico City), Superfly (Beijing) and Yanwai (Shanghai). The culinary tour ends in Europe with Ø27 (Berlin), Kolam (Paris) and Trap Kitchen (London).

Let's take a look at each restaurant and its corresponding sneaker.

Taegeukdang in Seoul

Established in 1946, Taegeukdang is the oldest bakery in Seoul. Here you can get everything from old-fashioned loaves of bread to pastries. What's special is that the bakery has never been afraid to innovate while never forgetting its roots.

The shoe in question is the adidas Superstar Taegeukdang. On the middle panel of the sneaker is a layer of Tyvek. When you remove this, the black and white colorway of the Superstar is revealed. The midsole has an off-white tint, as does the shell toe. This gives the pair an aged vintage style. Underneath the translucent outsole, you'll find another graphic from a local Korean artist.


Ravi in Dubai

Ravi is a Dubai-based eatery that has been serving delicious Pakistani food at a reasonable price for 40 years. At Ravi, it's perfect to dine outside with the whole family in the illuminated outdoor area.

Ravi Restaurant
Ravi Restaurant

The Superstar Ravi has a retro look. The upper has a leather base that is cream-colored. On the centre panel, laces and heel there is still green detailing. The suede heel still has "Ravi Restaurant 1978" printed on it, which is the name of the restaurant and the year when it was founded.

Bloody Angle in Tokyo

Bloody Angle is a bar, vinyl and clothing store all in one, which is located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Inside, you can order your favourite cocktail while enjoying the atmospheric ambience. The SST Laceless Bloody has a black leather upper.

The laces are omitted on this sneaker. You will also find purple and red detailing on the three stripes and the collar. This is inspired by the colors of the lights from the bar. On the heel, you will also find the Bloody Angle logo.

Cuts & Slices in New York

Cuts & Slices is a Pizzeria based in Brooklyn, New York. Together with adidas, the business worked on the Forum Hi Cuts & Slices. On the leather upper, off-white, bordeaux red, red and brown are combined. The pair has a cream-colored strap that reads "Pull Up Beloved. On the collar, you will find another pizzeria address.

Howlin' Ray's in Los Angeles

Howlin' Ray's is a Los Angeles-based chicken restaurant. Here you will find everything chicken-related, from chicken sandwiches to hot wings. In collaboration with adidas, the Campus Howlin' Ray's was created.

On the upper of the sneaker is smooth white leather. The red color of the restaurant can be found on the stripes, the laces and the collar. On the tongue and heel tab you will find black shiny leather.

Orinoco in Mexico

The Taqueria from Monterrey gets its own version of the adidas Forum Low. The upper is covered in off-white colored leather. This is combined with white leather on the strap, midfoot and heel.

On the laces is the text "trompo res chicharrón. This is a reference to the meat used in tacos. There are also red details on the tongue, lining and center panel.

Superfly in Beijing

Superfly is a gastro-bar that brings classic Szechuan comfort food dishes to a new level. A retro-casual ambiance is created in the bar by the classic decor and upbeat background music.

Photo by The Opposite House

Superfly may also put its own spin on the adidas Forum Low. The sneaker has a base of white leather. This is decorated with blue detailing. You'll find this at the lace-up eyelets, tongue, heel tab, strap and the adidas originals logo.

The lining is orange in color and on it is a Chinese geometric pattern. As a final touch of color, the sneaker has a bright red outsole.


Yanwai in Shanghai

Yanwai is a cozy Shanghai restaurant inspired by the outdoor lifestyle. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere mixed with a touch of luxury. On the menu you will find all kinds of different dishes from all kinds of different cuisines.

Photos by @Yanwai_Shanghai

In contrast, the Superstar Yanwai stands out from the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. The upper is covered in silver leather. The laces are green, as is the suede heel tab. The tongue is made of white-coloured leather. The three stripes are also made of white leather. The sneaker is completed with an off-white coloured shell-toe and sole.

Ø27 in Berlin

The last three sneakers are inspired by eateries in Europe. Berlin's Ø27 is a kebab store that puts its own twist on the infamous drunken meal. For example, here you can order Döbimbab, a mix of Döner (kebab) and the Korean dish Bibimbap.

Photos by Ø27

The Berlin kebab restaurant has teamed up with adidas for the ZX 8000 Ø27. The sneaker features a clean white upper with black detailing. Outside of the mesh on the toe, the pair is fully lined in leather.

Black details are found on the collar and lace-up eyelets. A lace-lock is also located on the laces. The sneaker is completed with a black outsole.

Kolam in Paris

Kolam is a street food restaurant specializing in authentic Sri Lankan food. The Parisian restaurant has been given its own retro-style adidas Campus Kolam. The upper is covered in cream-coloured leather.

The three stripes contain a purple and white tie-dye pattern. This is also found on the adidas logo on the heel. The heel tab is covered in leather that turns yellow. Like the upper, the sole is cream-coloured.

Trap Kitchen in London

The last restaurant is Trap Kitchen in London. This restaurant in London became famous as a pop-up restaurant. Here you can eat all kinds of soul food dishes. The Forum Low Trap Kitchen has a leather upper on which the colors white, silver and red are combined.

The three stripes on the outside color red, while on the inside they are mainly silver. The center panel also features a silver leather area. The collar, midsole, tongue label and outsole color red.

In June 2022, first the Taegeukdang (Seoul), Ravi (Dubai) and Bloody Angle (Tokyo) will drop. Later on, the other eight sneakers of the adidas Adilicious collection will drop. Check the button in this blogpost and keep an eye on our news page for more information about these releases.