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Aape Footwear by A Bathing Ape available at Snipes

September 28, 2021 9:00 AM
Aape Footwear by A Bathing Ape available at Snipes

At Snipes you can now also find sneakers from the Aape Footwear by Bathing Ape store. There are several models available online. Snipes already sold Aape clothing but now the Footwear collection has been added.

A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape, also known as BAPE is a Japanese clothing brand. The brand was founded in 1993 by Nigo and has quickly become a major streetwear brand. The style of A Bathing Ape is very colourful and the prints have original designs. The famous BAPE Camo print, in which the logo is incorporated into a camouflage print, is also very popular.

BAPE's well-known zip-up cardigan also features this camo print and was launched in 2016. On this hoodie, the brand's monkey logo can be seen all over the jumper and you can zip up the hood completely. On the front of the hood is the BAPE 'shark' design.

Bape Hoodie
Foto van BAPE

In 2021, rapper Kid Cudi released his own version of the 'shark' zip-up hoodie. This is not the first time a rapper has joined the brand.

Musician and rapper Pharrell Williams was a streetwear icon in the 2000s and in 2005 he teamed up with Nigo. Together they founded 'Billionaire Boys Club'. A street style brand that can be recognised by its diving logo.

Aape Footwear by A Bathing Ape

Besides streetwear clothing, A Bathing Ape also makes sneakers. Under the name Bapesta, the brand has released shoes featuring artists such as Kanye West , The Weeknd and hip-hop group Dreamville.

The Bapesta model is very similar to the Nike Air Force 1. Instead of the swoosh on the side, the Bapesta models feature the 'STA' logo.

A Bathing Ape Bapesta ABC Camo 20th Anniversary Pink
A Bathing Ape Bapesta ABC Camo 20th Anniversery Pink l Foto van Stockx

AAPE is a second line from Bape, designed by Nigo. The clothing line was founded in 2012 and focused more on casual streetwear. Later on, footwear was added to the collection. Snipes has added this footwear collection to their existing AAPE collection.


In the Aape Footwear collection at Snipes various models are available. The Aape Footwear collection is only available online and comes in men's sizes. The models feature BAPE's camo print and the Aape logo.

This beige sneaker is also available in green and black and has a camo print on the toe. The Aape logo can be seen on the sole and on the insole and side of the trainer. The text 'SOMEWHERE IN THE AAPE UNIVERSE APES AND PLANET EARTH' is printed on the nose.

Aape Footwear sneaker Snipes
Aape Footwear sneaker l 6567XXG

This pair is available in white and black. On the nose is the familiar camo print and on the side is a label with the 'Aape' emblem. The brand is also printed several times on the midsole.

The slides from Aape Footwear by A Bathing Ape feature the logo on the nose and sole. The Aape logo is also placed on the inside of the slide. The slipper is available in the colours white, black and green.

Aape Footwear slide Snipes

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