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Introducing the Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool, originally released in 1977, is a low-top skateboarding sneaker that has become a symbol of skate culture and street style worldwide. Inspired by the burgeoning Southern California skateboarding scene of the 1970s, the Old Skool was Vans' first skateboard model. Originally released under the name 'Vans Style 36' the shoe was designed to meet skaters' needs for durability and functionality. The upper is made of canvas and leather, with a padded collar and waffle rubber outsole.

The sneaker's initial colorway was a simple yet striking combination of navy blue and white, highlighting the sleek, straightforward design that allowed for versatility and wearability. A staple of various subcultures and fashion movements, the Vans Old Skool transcends skateboarding. In addition to its simplicity, function, and ability to serve as a canvas for self-expression, it remains popular among people of all ages.

The Design of Vans Old Skool

With its distinctive design elements that combine functionality with a timeless aesthetic, Vans Old Skool has become a staple in both skateboarding and casual wear. Canvas and leather uppers provide durability and longevity while providing a classic look that has defined the sneaker for decades.

The iconic sidestripe, or "jazz stripe," adds a visual signature that distinguishes the Old Skool from other sneakers. In addition to providing support and flexibility for day-to-day wear, the waffle rubber outsole provides exceptional grip and traction, a nod to its skateboarding heritage.

The Old Skool is celebrated for its vast selection of colorways, catering to a wide range of personal styles and preferences. A timeless choice among all options, the 'Black/White' colorway is ideal for any outfit. The 'Checkerboard' variant injects a playful, distinctive flair into the classic silhouette with its iconic checkerboard pattern.

The Doodle

Vans' classic side stripe, the "jazz stripe" was first used on the Old Skool sneaker. As a random doodle drawn by Paul Van Doren, the stripe did not serve as a major brand identifier at first. As soon as the Old Skool was introduced in 1977 with the sidestripe, a simple sketch became a legendary logo. From a casual doodle to a symbol that represents Vans' creativity and self-expression it explains its enduring popularity and status.