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Introduction of Salomon

In 25 years, the Salomon family has grown from a small metal workshop to become the largest manufacturer of ski boots in the world through innovation and adoption. After a shift in vision and mission, Salomon has grown to become a leading provider of performance and functionality.

New Millennium

Despite always being more functional than fashionable, Salomon sneakers have been gaining traction in the streetwear industry. With a showroom at Paris Men's Fashion Week in 2018, Salomon has collaborated with brands like Palace Skateboards and Tokyo's And Wander, as well being seen on the feet of celebrities like Kanye West and Rihanna.

Through blending performance-focused technology with stylish designs, along with collaborations with popular brands, Salomon has been able to build its visibility and credibility in the fashion industry.

The History

Salomon Headquarters


The company was founded by François Salomon in the French Alps, where he initially produced ski edges.

Salomon Ski Shoe


Innovative designs and technologies revolutionize the ski boot market when Salomon enters the market.

Salomon Speedcross


With the release of the Salomon Trail Running shoe, Salomon diversifies its product range and enters the trail running market. Salomon introduced its iconic trail running shoe, the Salomon Speedcross.

Salomon XA Pro series


Salomon introduces the Salomon XA Pro series, which provides stability and protection for off-road running and adventure racing.

Goretex explained with different layers


Salomon launches its S-Lab line of high-performance trail running gear and outdoor sports products. Additionally, Salomon introduces a new line of hiking shoes that incorporate technologies such as GORE-TEX for waterproofing and Contagrip for traction.

Salomon Sense Pro


With the Salomon Sense Pro, Salomon introduces a lightweight and responsive trail running shoe designed for speed and agility.

Salomon X The Broken Arm


Collaboration between Salomon and fashion brand The Broken Arm results in a limited-edition sneaker collection combining fashion and performance.

Salomon Ultra Glide


Salomon releases the Salomon Ultra Glide, a cushioned trail running shoe aimed at long-distance comfort and a smooth ride.

Did you know?

In spite of its lack of fashion oriented designs, the activewear brand has established itself as a highly reputable and reliable fashion designer choice because of the quality of its products.

COMME des GARCONS and MM6 Maison Margiela joined creative forces with Salomon in dazzling collaborations that walked down the runway of Paris and Milan Fashion Week in 2023.