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The ultimate Salomon sneakers FAQ

December 26, 2023 7:54 AM
The ultimate Salomon sneakers FAQ

Salomon is a leading outdoor sports brand that has its origins in the year 1947. It was founded by François Salomon in picturesque Annecy, located in the beautiful Alps of France. Salomon has built a solid reputation when it comes to sneakers and enjoys worldwide recognition. Especially for its excellent range of trail-running shoes and hiking boots, as well as its winter sports equipment, suitable for both skiing and snowboarding.

Today, we discuss the history and evolution of Salomon and also answer the most frequently asked questions!

The history of Salomon

François Salomon started the company in a modest workshop, where he initially produced saw blades. His only employees at the time were his wife and son, Georges. However, it was Georges Salomon who led the company into the global outdoor sports brand it is today.

His dedication resulted as early as 1957 in the first signs of the innovative force that would come to define the company. At that time, they developed a machine that enabled the automation of steel rim production for skis. At the same time, they revolutionised ski bindings, dismissing the earlier standard of leather bindings and replacing them with cable bindings.

History of Salomon

From skis to shoes

After Salomon appeared with their innovative binding technology at the alpine world championships in Chile, they expanded their range with their own ski boots in 1979 and a decade later they also introduced their own skis.

Not much later, Salomon also started producing hiking boots for the general public. In doing so, the focus remained on offering products for the active adventurer. However, the Gorpcore trend caused people to think differently about Salomon's shoes.

What started as a comfortable and functional running shoe has now become the favourite choice in streetwear, attracting the attention of Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Kanye, and A$AP Rocky, among others! As such, the running shoe is fully integrated into the street scene.

Salomon schoenen

The ultimate Salomon FAQ

Are you considering adding a pair of Salomon trainers to your wardrobe, or would you simply like to know more about the brand? Below, we answer the most frequently asked questions about both Salomon shoes and the company itself!

Do Salomon shoes run small?

Whether Salomon shoes run small depends on your preference. In general, Salomon hiking boots fall true to size. So you can stick to your usual size. By contrast, trail running shoes like the XT-6 are relatively tight and feel a bit tight at the toes. Therefore, it may be wise to go half a size up here.

Where do I buy Salomon shoes?

Interested in adding Salomon to your trainer collection? You can easily do so via the Sneakerjagers sneaker search engine! Here you will find all available sizes and retailers of Salomon's different models and colorways.

Are Salomon shoes good?

Through their continued focus on providing products for the active adventurer, Salomon has built a reputation for high-quality outdoor shoes, trail-running shoes, and durable boots. So Salomon's shoes are definitely good!

Where are Salomon shoes made?

Salomon sneakers are made in Asia, but the brand has not provided official information about the specific locations of their production. In addition, Salomon opened a state-of-the-art shoe factory in the French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in 2022. Here, automated production methods are used to speed up the manufacturing process and also reduce ecological impact. Furthermore, Salomon's U.S. operations are located in Ogden, Utah.


Who is the owner of Salomon?

Salomon's current CEO is Franco Fogliato. Salomon is a subsidiary of Amer Sports, a Finnish sporting goods company that in turn is owned by China's Anta Sports. Amer Sports is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The outdoor sports company Salomon was bought from adidas in 2005 for nearly $500 million. adidas owned Salomon from 1997 to 2005 but decided to sell the company when it withdrew from the production of ski apparel and equipment.

Are Salomon shoes waterproof?

Not all Salomon shoes are water-resistant. The models that are water-resistant often contain the GORE-TEX membrane. GORE-TEX products offer triple weather protection and provide optimal climate comfort: they are waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

Are Salomon sneakers good for hiking?

Salomon's shoes are technically designed for trail running, but they are also particularly suitable for fast and light hikes. Not only do they offer excellent grip, but they also feature abrasion-resistant materials. These include durable foil and sturdy mesh, which can withstand abrasion and environmental influences such as rain, dust, and debris.

How do you tie Salomon Quicklace sneakers?

Use the laces to pull the shoe on smoothly, while keeping the lace pocket free for access. Pull the lace tight by sliding the “clasp” toward your foot until it is tight to your liking. Store the extra lace material and closure in the pocket on the tongue of the shoe.

How do I style Salomon shoes?

Sneaker fans are especially enthusiastic about models such as the XT-6, XT-4, and ACS Pro Advanced, which, because of their sporty look, fit effortlessly into various outfits. You can combine these shoes particularly well with items such as cargo pants, hoodies, and sporty jackets.

A complete overview of outfit inspiration for Salomon sneakers can be found in our “How do I style Salomon sneakers?” article!

Can you run in the Salomon XT-6?

Since its initial release, the Salomon XT-6 has become a favourite choice of marathon runners and trail runners for its lightweight and comfort. With its dynamic and responsive design, this shoe is ideal for running on rough terrain.


Salomon XT-6 'Black'

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How do you clean Salomon sneakers?

If your Salomon shoes are dirty, it is advisable to remove the mud and dirt as soon as possible. You can do this, for example, by rinsing them off with an outdoor faucet or in a stream. It is easiest to remove the mud while it is still fresh. In addition, it may help to pat the soles together, holding the heels first and then the front of the shoes.

Then let them dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight and do not place them near excessive heat sources such as radiators. Finally, it is absolutely inadvisable to use a washing machine, washing powder, or soap to clean your running shoes as this can cause damage to the shoes!

Are Salomon shoes worth it?

Salomon has become famous for its street style and utilitarian, functional outdoor-inspired gear, which is known as gorp core. Salomon has always maintained its dedication to the active adventurer, so their durable and performance shoes are absolutely worth it!

Thank you for your interest in Salomon sneakers! We hope that all your questions have been answered and that you have gained a better understanding of this French brand. Would you like to learn more about other sneaker models? Then take a look at the full Sneaker FAQ overview!