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Introducing the Nike P-6000

The Nike P-6000, launched in 2023, blends vintage running and Y2K-inspired aesthetics with modern comfort, making it a popular choice for both casual wear and streetwear enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Nike Pegasus 2006, it offers a unique blend of heritage and contemporary style.

The P-6000 Design

While relatively new in the Nike landscape, the P-6000 pays homage to a rich lineage of performance running shoes. Its design borrows heavily from the Pegasus models, particularly in its breathable mesh upper with horizontal and vertical overlays, reminiscent of the early 2000s running shoe aesthetic. This combination ensures both breathability and a supportive fit for everyday wear.

Beyond its visual appeal, the P-6000 prioritises comfort. A lightweight foam midsole provides ample cushioning for all-day wear, while a cushioned sockliner adds an extra layer of plushness underfoot. The full rubber outsole guarantees durable traction on various terrains.

Did you know?

Nike's P-6000 is a tribute to Nike's athletic journey throughout the years, paying tribute to Nike's evolution as a shoe company.