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Introducing the Nike Cortez

Back in 1972, Bill Bowerman designed the Nike Cortez. It has become a recognizable symbol of fashion and sport as a result of its classic design, cultural significance, and connection to running. Despite being designed initially as a running shoe, its popularity quickly increased by its comfort and lightness. The Cortez was popular among athletes as well as the emerging street culture.

It is so well-liked because of its classic design, historical significance, and ties to fashion and sport. The Cortez has evolved from modest beginnings to become an icon of street culture in just a few short years. Both athletes and sneakerheads love its timeless style, lightweight, and recognisable branding.

The Nike Cortez Design

There are a lot of design elements that make the Nike Cortez iconic and recognisable. The upper is made of nylon, with suede overlays on the toe box, eyestays, and heel counter. This material combination provides durability, flexibility, and a retro aesthetic. The foam midsole of this sneaker provides lightweight cushioning and shock absorption. The midsole is frequently white, which contrasts with the colour of the upper.

This shoe's outsole has a herringbone pattern for excellent traction. It was designed to improve stability and grip while running. The Nike Swoosh logo and branding are also present on the sides, as well as the tongue and heel tab. They give the shoes a sporty vibe. The Cortez is also known for its timeless colour schemes, including black-and-white and white/varsity red/blue. These classic colours are part of the sneaker's versatility and enduring popularity.

Popular Cortez Colorways

Nike Cortez 'White/Red/Blue'


One of the most popular and recognizable versions of the Nike Cortez is the classic Nike Cortez 'White/Red/Blue'. This colorway is a classic Cortez with a white leather upper with blue and red accents. Released in 1972, it has become a staple of the brand.

Nike Cortez 'Black and White'

Black and White

A sleek, elegant rendition of the Nike Cortez, the Nike Cortez 'Black and White' features timeless sophistication. This colorway captures the essence of Cortez's classic design with its low-cut silhouette, signature swoosh, and comfortable foam midsole.

Nike Cortez 'Burgundy Fade'

Burgundy Fade

Featuring a gradient upper that transitions from deep burgundy to black, the Nike Cortez 'Burgundy Fade' is a captivating interpretation of the classic Cortez sneaker. In this colorway, white and coconut milk accents add a touch of sophistication and style.

Nike Cortez 'Midnight Navy'

Midnight Navy

Featuring a rich and elegant hue of Midnight Navy, the Nike Cortez 'Midnight Navy' is a timeless and sophisticated design. A contrasting Noise Aqua stripe and suede accents enhance the understated elegance of this colorway.

Nike Cortez 'Gorge Green'

Gorge Green

With a clean, minimalist design complemented by pops of Gorge Green and Malachite, the Nike Cortez 'Gorge Green' is a refreshing interpretation of the classic Cortez sneaker. Its energetic and modern aesthetic makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

Nike Cortez 'Vivid Sulfur'

Vivid Sulfur

With a bold and eye-catching hue of yellow, the Nike Cortez 'Vivid Sulfur' is a vibrant and energetic take on the classic Cortez sneaker. The suede accents and shimmery woven textile elements in this colorway exude a playful and youthful spirit.

Nike Cortez Collaborations

Union and CLOT are notable collaborations on the Nike Cortez. The CLOT x Nike collaboration introduces a revolutionary 3-in-1 design in three colorways, 'Forrest Gump', 'Yin Yang' and 'Bruce Lee'. Meanwhile, the Union collaboration brings forward four playfully colourful Nike Cortez iterations in 'Grain', 'Yellow Frost', 'Black', and 'Grey Blue'.