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New Balance

With reissuing classic sneakers that evoke nostalgia while incorporating modern updates, New Balance has successfully capitalized on the retro sneaker trend. Sneaker enthusiasts have gained renewed interest in the brand's iconic silhouettes, including the 990 series.

Due to their dedication to quality, integrity, and reliability, they have earned a reputation for excellence. Consumers who value the quality of locally produced products are loyal to their company because they are committed to domestic manufacturing, particularly in the United States. Through this commitment to ethical practices and customer satisfaction, a loyal following has been formed, resulting in strong brand loyalty.

Sneaker Design & Technology

In designing sneakers, New Balance focuses on comfort and fit. They use advanced cushioning technologies like ENCAP and Fresh Foam to provide excellent shock absorption and support. For athletic activities as well as everyday wear, consumers want footwear that can be worn for extended periods.

In addition to focusing on performance, New Balance has also created stylish and versatile sneakers. Through collaborations with fashion designers and influencers, the brand has enhanced the aesthetic appeal of its sneakers, making them popular in both athletic and casual settings. A wide selection of colourways and designs are available, allowing individuals to express their individual style.

The History of New Balance

New Balance Logo


In Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance began as the New Balance Arch Support Company, specializing in orthopedic shoe accessories.

New Balance History


With the Trackster, New Balance introduces the world's first running shoe with a ripple sole, designed for superior track traction. As one of New Balance's first successes, this model gains popularity among college track teams.

320 Sneaker History New Balance


A lightweight and cushioned shoe specifically designed for runners, New Balance's '320' is released.

990 New Balance Sneaker History


Among the most iconic and enduring models of New Balance, the '990' introduced in 1982 is the first to use premium materials and is designed to offer support. As a lifestyle sneaker combining performance and style, the '574' became a popular choice in the sneaker market in 1988.

New Balance 992 Sneaker history


The '992', a classic running shoe made in the USA, represents New Balance's commitment to domestic manufacturing.

Fresh Foam tech New Balance history


The Fresh Foam technology is introduced, providing a new level of cushioning and support in New Balance running shoes.

New Balance Today

New Balance Today

As part of their commitment to sustainability, New Balance uses eco-friendly practices and materials in their production processes. They prioritise responsible sourcing by reducing waste, sourcing responsibly, and exploring environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. Customers who value ethical and eco-conscious choices have embraced the brand's commitment to sustainability.

Did you know?

Founder William Riley got the idea for the name 'New Balance' by watching chickens in his backyard and realizing that a three-toed foot provided the finest support for a body. In response, the company decided to manufacture arch supports with three prongs in light of Riley's findings.