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Mizuno Skyrise

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Mizuno Skyrise

The Skyrise is the latest series to join Mizuno's running shoe catalogue. It comes equipped with the brand's best-performing technologies in the most lightweight silhouette so far. The aerodynamic design makes it perform great during daily training and slow pace runs on short and long distances.

Dressed with XPOP PU foam cushioning, the Skyrise has a highly breathable and comfortable interior. Additionally, the responsive material is not only extremely lightweight but also reduces the chances of blisters. The groundbreaking Dynamotion Fit system featured on the Skyrise ensures the ultimate comfort and stability. Moreover, the upper moulds onto the wearer's foot for the most natural movement and feeling.

The model is perfect for heel-striking runners as Mizuno's Enerzy foam covers the heel. The high rebound capability of this foam facilitates the dispersion of energy. The renowned Wave technology is embodied in the midsole. This helps in creating a stable and consistent pace throughout the run.

Overall, the Mizuno Skyrise embodies a variety of technologies and features designed to satisfy your footwear needs to the smallest detail. It offers the greatest experience for professional and amateur runners alike.

Together with the Skyrise, Mizuno's running shoes catalogue counts a variety of models designed to deliver an experience. The Wave Rider is the brand's most popular model so far due to its performance and comfort. The Wave Inspire offers runners with overpronation an enjoyable experience. Lastly, the Wave Prophecy lifts the run to out-of-space through its comfort and futuristic design.

Does Mizuno Skyrise fit true to size?

Although opinions about the sizing of Mizuno Skyrise vary, generally speaking, the shoe fits true to size. However, to ensure the utmost comfort while running, we recommend half a size up for this model.

What is Mizuno Dynamotion Fit system?

The Dynamotion Fit system developed by Mizuno is set to deliver the best fit and performance of their running shoes. The technology works as an extension of the wearer's foot, as it makes the shoe move and flexes together with the runner. As the shoe is moulding onto the wearer's foot, it creates a harmonious movement, with the ultimate comfort while reducing the pressure on the joint and the risk of injury.

What is Mizuno Wave technology?

Mizuno Wave Technology explained in a few words would sum up to: better cushioning, and shock absorbent. The technology itself is represented by a thermoplastic plate inserted in the midsole which absorbs the energy at impact and spreads it evenly throughout the sole, offering high stability and less stress on the joints and knees. This revolutionary mechanism inspired by the natural movement of waves themselves ensures comfort while running and better performance.

What is Mizuno Enerzy foam?

The Mizuno Enerzy foam is a blend of materials developed to deliver excellent comfort and durability through its rebound capability. Inspired by Wave Technology, the foam not only absorbs the energy but gives 17% more in return compared to materials used previously. By being 17% softer than other midsoles, the Enerzy foam makes the running experience not only extremely comfortable but makes the movement natural and effortless.