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Mizuno Wave Prophecy

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Mizuno Wave Prophecy

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy was first released in 2009 as a running shoe. Its performance capabilities and futuristic design made it one of the brand's most popular models. The Japanese brand became renowned for its ground-breaking technologies in its running shoes. Above all, Wave Prophecy is definitely one of the models that integrate functionality and efficiency in its design.

Firstly, the midsole uses the signature Infinity Wave plate technology in its construction. Composed of two interconnected wave plates, it uses a minimal amount of material. Additionally, the plates offer the shoe its futuristic design and improve performance. Its stability leads to the uniform distribution of the striking shock. The x10 carbon rubber material facilitates a good grip and prevents deterioration as it covers the entire outsole. The upper of the Wave Prophecy features premium quality materials for ensured comfort. Furthermore, the Intercool technology works as a ventilation system to keep the foot away from overheating and odour.

Whether you are an experienced or beginner runner, the Wave Prophecy will help you perform to the best of your abilities while rocking an unconventional look. For additional running shoes from Mizuno's catalogue, the Wave Rider is definitely a model worth considering as the brand's most popular model thus far. The Wave Inspire series helps runners struggling with overpronation have an enjoyable ride, while the Contender is a running shoe disguised in a sneaker look.

Does Mizuno still make Wave Prophecy?

Yes! Mizuno's beloved futuristic design of Wave Prophecy reaches the public sporadically in different colorways. For updates, check the release calendar.

Does the Wave Prophecy fit true to size?

Mizuno Wave Prophecy fits true to size according to reviews. The width and arch support are satisfactory for most people that used it regularly.

What is Mizuno Wave Technology?

Mizuno Wave Technology explained in a few words would sum up to: better cushioning, and shock absorbent. The technology itself is represented by a thermoplastic plate inserted in the midsole which absorbs the energy at impact and spreads it evenly throughout the sole, offering high stability and less stress on the joints and knees. This revolutionary mechanism inspired by the natural movement of waves themselves ensures comfort while running and better performance.