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Mizuno Mondo Control

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Mizuno Mondo Control

The Mondo Control series was first released in 1995 as a running shoe. Its design creates a communication channel between the runner and its shoe. Inspired by the concept of 'Mondo' in Japanese culture which represents a dialogue or speech. Meanwhile, Mondo Control comes dressed with Mizuno's renowned technologies to deliver an experience alongside its message.

The running shoe incorporates the Mizuno Wave plate technology. It provides great stability while distributing the impact energy for natural movement. Additionally, the midsole uses lightweight and high-rebound U4icX technology. The shoe's outsole features x10 carbon rubber for increased durability and great grip on all kinds of surfaces. Although it is a running shoe, the design of the upper features leather overlays which give it more of a sneaker aspect. Moreover, the Dynamotion Fit Technology keeps it true to its original purpose, to deliver a running experience. For a lean transition between acceleration and deceleration, the SmoothRide tech is embodied in the design, ensuring a comfortable and safe run.

The Mizuno Mondo Control represents a great choice for both experienced and beginner runners. It embodies the necessary support for great performance, stability, endurance and comfort.

Mizuno's running shoe catalogue also contains the iconic Wave Rider, their most popular model, and the Wave Prophecy with an unconventional look. The Contender series is the most closely related model to the Mondo Control as it is also a running shoe with a sneaker design.

Does Mizuno Mondo Control fit true to size?

The Mizuno Mondo Control does fit true to size.

What is Mizuno Wave Technology?

Mizuno Wave Technology explained in a few words would sum up to: better cushioning, and shock absorbent. The technology itself is represented by a thermoplastic plate inserted in the midsole which absorbs the energy at impact and spreads it evenly throughout the sole, offering high stability and less stress on the joints and knees. This revolutionary mechanism inspired by the natural movement of waves themselves ensures comfort while running and better performance.