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Introduction Of Karhu

Founded in 1916, Karhu Sneakers has become one of the most successful sportswear brands in the world.

Its famous 'M' logo represents the Finnish word 'Mestari' meaning 'Champion', and it has lived up to its moniker, dominating not only the Olympic Games, but tracks around the world.

Karhu's commitment to understanding running, as well as continuous innovation, is what makes the brand and their running sneakers so popular.

Sneaker Technology

The company has been known for its pioneering technologies since then, producing innovative running shoes worn by Olympic and professional athletes.

Karhu's most popular designs include their Air Cushion and Fulcrum technologies, as well as their Synchron lacing system.

They also offer apparel and accessories, providing athletes of all levels with a comprehensive sportswear collection.

The History Of Karhu

Karhu logo 1916


Karhu was established in Helsinki, Finland, as a ski and equipment company.

Athlete running with karhu sneakers


As a result of its sports equipment expertise, Karhu expands its product range to include running shoes.

Karhu running athletes


In their running shoes, Karhu used a number of novel synthetic materials and cutting-edge technology, such as nylon and air cushioning, another little-known first in the history of footwear.

karhu albatross from 1982


Karhu introduces the Albatross model, a lightweight and flexible running shoe.

Karhu Lacing technology


With the launch of the Synchron lacing, Karhu erach a peak moment for their models, as it found its way into many models with this alternative lacing technology.

Karhu Aria model sneaker


Karhu celebrates its 100th anniversary with special edition sneakers and events, highlighting its rich heritage and craftsmanship. Lastly, Karhu introduces the "Aria" retro running shoe as part of its lifestyle offering.

Karhu Today

Today, sneaker culture has become a global phenomenon with millions of people collecting, trading, and wearing sneakers around the world, and the Karhu brand is one of them.

Besides a long history in sports, Karhu sneakers have recently gained recognition as a lifestyle brand, resulting in collaborations with major brands.

A Moomin-patterned Karhu Albatross was created by Sneakersnstuff, a Fusion 2.0 was released by Dutch sneaker boutique Patta, and Concepts relaunched the classic Aria '95 in a Finnish-inspired colourway in 2015.

A year later, Patta and Karhu also released the 100th-anniversary special collab on the Karhu Synchron. As Kanye West wore Karhu Fusion 2.0s in 2017, the brand gained new admirers and hype in the US.

Did you know?

Karhu's logo incorporates a bear symbol inspired by Finland's national animal and pays homage to the country's wild nature and wilderness.

Karhu actually means "bear" in Finnish.