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Introducing the Karhu Trampas

Karhu introduced the Trampas sneaker as their first official model during the 1960s. This model and every pair of Karhu sneakers is crafted with the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality and durability. The model comes in two different versions; one with the classic 'M' logo and one without it for a more lifestyle-oriented appearance. Furthermore, the two different designs give you the flexibility to choose a sneaker that fits your style.

Karhu Trampas and Tradition

In addition to offering a wide variety of colours, Karhu offers 100 years of experience in shoe manufacturing. In addition to being well crafted and made of the highest quality materials, Karhu sneakers are of the highest quality, so no matter which design you choose, you can be assured that you are receiving a high-quality product.

Did you know?

Back in 1968 when Karhu launched the Trampas, a highly demanded sneaker that came in two versions- one for sports training and the other for casual wear.

The sneaker was a phenomenal success, and even the Finnish Olympic team couldn't resist its charm. It was praised by the renowned Arthur Lydiard, who had no doubts in calling it "the best training shoe in the world".