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Introducing the Air Jordan 2

The Air Jordan 2 was the forerunner of the Air Jordan 1, which was introduced barely a year earlier and was a huge success. It hit the shops in November 1986.

The Air Jordan 2, regarded as one of the most divisive Jordan Brand sneaker styles, was a watershed event in time, and no one can deny its significance in Michael Jordan's basketball career.

Nike took a huge risk by drastically altering the Air Jordan design following the initial shoe's great popularity.

The Air Jordan 2 Design

Unlike its predecessor, the Air Jordan 1, the Air Jordan 2 opted for a more premium look, featuring a full-grain leather upper inspired by Italian luxury shoes. It also lacked the iconic Swoosh logo, generating a unique and debated design choice.

Despite the design shift, the Air Jordan 2 retained the full-length Air cushioning unit for impact absorption, a technology present in the Air Jordan 1.

Did you know?

The Air Jordan 2 was not initially intended for basketball performance owing to its materials (it was designed to seem more elegant).

Despite early misgivings, Michael Jordan famously wore them during the 1986 NBA playoffs, sealing their place in shoe history.