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Introducing the adidas Stan Smith

With its timeless design and enduring appeal, the adidas Stan Smith sneaker has transcended its athletic origins to become a global fashion icon. Originally released in 1960s as adidas Robert Haillet the design changed its name a decade later to adidas Stan Smith to mark an iconic collaboration between the American tennis player and activewear brand. Simple yet elegant, its leather upper and minimalistic design quickly gained favour beyond the world of sports.

The Stan Smith Design

Known for its minimalistic design, the adidas Stan Smith has been captivated by fashion enthusiasts as well as athletes for decades. Stan Smith features a smooth, full-grain leather upper that offers both durability and a sleek appearance. A clever twist on adidas' signature design is the perforated three stripes on the sides, which add subtle branding and ventilation. Colour-pop heel tabs add visual interest and are often seen in contrasting hues, adding to the shoe's iconic status.

The tongue has a portrait of Stan Smith and his signature, personalizing the shoe and cementing its association with him. Its low profile and comfortable fit are enhanced by its flat outsole. With a predominantly white color scheme, the Stan Smith's overall design is characterised by an understated elegance. In casual footwear, this combination of design elements has solidified the Stan Smith's enduring popularity.

The sustainable Stan Smiths

With the Stan Smith sneaker at the forefront of adidas's eco-friendly journey, the company has made significant strides in sustainability. adidas recognised the need for more sustainable production practices and introduced several sustainable versions of the iconic Stan Smith, including environmentally friendly materials and processes.

adidas' sustainable Stan Smiths not only reflect the company's ongoing commitment to minimising its environmental impact but also resonate with consumers who are seeking eco-friendly footwear options.