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Introducing the adidas Adilette

The adidas Adilette sandal is synonymous with leisure, leisure wear, and casual style. Known for its simple yet recognisable design, the Adilette has become a staple footwear choice for athletes and fashionistas. First introduced in 1972, the adidas Adilette is a versatile slide sandal. The sandal was originally designed for athletes, but soon gained popularity beyond sports.

Design of the adidas Adilette

The Adilette comes with a single-bandage upper made of synthetic materials or leather. In addition to adidas three-stripe branding, the bandages feature a sporty look. It has a contoured footbed usually made of cushioned EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). The footbed provides all-day comfort with supportive cushioning and molds to the shape of the foot.

How to wear the adidas Adilette

Originally designed as a sports slide, the Adilette can be worn both casually and athletically. This versatile sandal is perfect for everyday outings or post-workout slides. With its durable rubber construction, it provides traction and grip. Usually, the outsole features a textured pattern to prevent slipping. The Adilette is a timeless classic thanks to its simple and functional design. Various colorways and collaborations have enhanced adidas' appeal and allowed for personal expression.