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GR10K x Salomon X-Alp Esill 'Black Metal'
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StyleSalomon X-Alp Esill
AudienceMen, Women
Release date11/30/2023
Likes10 / 10 (1 votes)
PublishedNovember 29, 2023 1:50 PM
UpdatedFebruary 25, 2024 5:12 AM
This sneaker blends ultra-resistant firemen's uniform fabrics to create a karting and motorsports-inspired sneaker that challenges corporate creativity norms and offers a fresh perspective on the intersection of function and technology. 

The sneaker embodies a statement rather than just a product, reflecting a dynamic and anti-identitarian collaborative spirit. It explores uncharted territory in motorsports, non-professional practice, suburban areas, and karting tracks, integrating vocabularies like aerodynamics and engine technology. 

Salomon's innovation in mountain sports is evident in the X-ALP GR10K, featuring the patented 3D Edging Chassis™️ for lateral stability and flexibility. The sneaker also has a collapsible tongue that offers wearers style adaptability, mirroring the versatility of protective fire-retardant garments in racing. The sneaker is highly resistant to the elements and is inspired by karting and motorsports.

The collaboration between Salomon and GR10K is a conversation between heritage and innovation, with the sneaker being a research endeavour into new outdoor practice areas, natural limitations, and the sports media spectrum.
GR10K x Salomon X-Alp Esill 'Black Metal' L47420000
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