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END. x Reebok Classic Leather 'Boules Club'
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Sneaker details

StyleReebok Classic Leather
AudienceMen, Women
Release date06/02/2023
Likes7.1 / 10 (17 votes)
PublishedMay 30, 2023 2:27 PM
UpdatedAugust 27, 2023 6:30 AM
END and Reebok have teamed up for a special collaboration, presenting the Classic Leather 'Boules Club' sneakers. Taking inspiration from the traditional French sport 'Pétanque', this playful country style dress pays homage to the game of Boules. 

This sneaker features a color palette of subtle stucco, beige, and sap green, reflecting the visual codes of the game. Silver details reflect the silver-toned boules used in the sport, while orange accents represent the jack and measuring tape. The upper combines suede with tumbled leather in 'Stucco' and 'Beige' colors, creating a chic and luxurious look. The Reebok logo is found on the tongue, side, and heel of the sneaker. Finally, the tops of the shoelaces are orange, reminiscent of the game's signature orange jacket.