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The American brand Reebok can be seen as one of the founders of today's sneaker culture.

Reebok was founded in 1958 by the two brothers Joe and Jeff Foster.

In recent decades, the brand has made its name with such classics as the Club C 85, Classic Leather and the Instapump Fury.

In addition, the brand has collaborated with names such as 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Maison Margiela and many more.

The Reebok brand owes its success to its forward thinking.

Since the founding of the brand in 1895, Reebok distinguished itself in modern technologies, something that continues decades later.

The idea of inflating a sneaker through a pump was ludicrous at the time, but the Reebok Pump technology introduced in 1989 is still regarded as some of the most thoughtful technology ever seen on a sneaker.

The History of Reebok

reebok founding


Reebok is founded in England by brothers Joe and Jeff Foster. The two wanted to continue family tradition of their grandfather Joseph William Foster, who founded the company "J.W. Foster" in 1895 and was responsible for one of the first athletic spikes.

After some disagreement over the name 'Mercury' for the brand, the Foster brothers settled for the name Reebok.

paul fireman


Reebok was at the Chicago International Sneaker Trade Show where it was noticed by American wholesaler Paul Fireman.

Under Fireman's wing, Reebok, which at the time was only available in England, was also brought to North America.

reebok freestyle


The Reebok Freestyle is introduced, a sneaker that opened all doors for Reebok. The model was designed for aerobics workouts and was advertised as a women's shoe.

Despite that, the sneaker also caught the eye of men.

reebok classic leather


The iconic Classic Leather silhouette made its debut. The model was introduced as a running shoe, but also caught the eye of many off-track.

The Classic Leather is still considered Reebok's first "lifestyle" sneaker.

reebok logo


Reebok gets its current vector logo. The rebranding is also accompanied by the signing of deals with athletes.

reebok pump advert


Reebok introduces a groundbreaking technology; the Reebok Pump.

This unique technology allows the wearer to adjust the sneaker to their hand using air supply. The inflatable elements in the shoe can be tightened or loosened by releasing more or less air at the push of a button.

Reebok Shaqnosis model


In collaboration with well-known basketball player Shaquille O'Neal, Reebok introduced the Shaqnosis model - a sneaker designed for the basketball court with a hypnotic look.

After designing several running models, Reebok enters new territory, this time the basketball court.

reebok s carter model


Jay-Z joins forces with Reebok and comes up with the S. Carter model. In the same year, 50 Cent also comes out with his own Reebok sneaker - the G-Unit. The collabs with the two names were very successful for Reebok.

So successful, in fact, that even Nike, which was catching millions at the time with its collaboration with Michael Jordan, struggled to compete with Reebok's success.

abg reebok


German sneaker brand adidas acquires Reebok for $3.8 billion. However, after disappointing sales figures, adidas resold the brand in 2021 for $2.1 billion to Authentic Brand Group (ABG).

Reebok Today

Following ABG's acquisition of Reebok, the brand continues to pursue the same models and works with names such as Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Dime, BAPE and JJJound.

Did you know?

During Prince William and Kate Middelton's Royal Wedding, a nun was spotted wearing a pair of black Reebok sneakers under her robe during the ceremony.

The nun, named Annaliese Brogden, was nicknamed the "Ninja Nun" and rumors even circulated that Brogden was a spy or working in the Secret Service.

annaliese brogden reebok
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