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A-COLD-WALL* x Converse Aeon Active CX 'Black'
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Sneaker details

StyleConverse Aeon Active
ColorwayBlack/Black/Apple Green
AudienceMen, Women
Release date05/12/2022
Likes5.5 / 10 (62 votes)
PublishedApril 6, 2022 10:47 AM
UpdatedSeptember 21, 2023 5:07 AM
A-COLD-WALL* and Converse joined forces in 2022. Together they released a special sneaker in this year. With this collaboration on your feet, you will definitely steal the show.
The upper of the sneaker is inspired by a water shoe. It is made of neoprene material. The hems are yellow, just like the nose of the shoe. The rest of the upper is in black. Both the Converse and A-COLD-WALL branding can be found on the upper.
The upper is not the only striking thing about this shoe. The midsole of the model is very thick and looks like melted rubber. This element is also in black. Between the upper and the midsole, there is a rubber element which has a light colour. The outsole under the heel is also this colour.