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WMNS Club: Nike by You - London stories - Part 2

August 13, 2020 10:43 AM
WMNS Club: Nike by You - London stories - Part 2

Yesterday I told you in the first part about the campaign that is running right now and tonight, 13.08 on Nike. 20 Londoners are telling their stories, their connection to London in the 'Unseen Story' campaign and have designed and personalized their own sneaker through the Nike by You workshop! Today I present you 2 more very cool ladies and you get the chance to customize these sneakers, or maybe even your very own sneakers, via Nike by You.

Where yesterday Tazlima really styled the Nike Air Max 95, today Hanan and also Titi have been busy styling the Nike Air Max 90. Where Hanan is about a culture clash, Titi felt that she wanted to create a unisex sneaker. But again I am telling you way too much, so let's read πŸ’œ

London Story 2 - Hanan - business owner

I am a half Irish half Egyptian half-marathon runner, Muslim writer, and hustler based in Northwest London. I built my accessories brand from the ground in memory of my late father, that fuses Ancient Egypt, and Western Pop art. A tool for me to explore my mixed heritage artistically. I see London through pockets woven by my Creative, Muay Thai, Entrepreneurial, and Running communities. I explore the chaos & power dynamic of city living through my work, by disrupting the status quo.


Under Hanan's name, you can read business owner, because she launched her own jewelry label some time ago. With this jewelry she is inspired by her Egyptian roots and wants to create heritages 'Ancient Egypt x Western Pop Art', it says. Take a look:

What I find especially great is that Hanan donates her proceeds to the sneakers. …to a non-profit organization that helps people in Yemen:

... Hanans Nike Air Max 90 Unlocked - Nike by You - The Nilos 39.8

Nike Air Max 90 - Nike by You
Click on the picture to get to the sneaker!

β€œCity living is designed to snap at you, this is for those who disrupt in order to find peace, for those looking for their River Nile. ”

Nike Air Max 90 - Nike by You

The details

Spikes of green represent the Niloticus Crocodile and the unpredictable dangerous snaps & curveballs in city living. Irtyu is a royal pigment of blue used in Ancient Egyptian iconography. 21.3Β° N, 39.8Β° E are Coordinates to my River Nile.


So for me enough inspiration to design my sneaker completely out of the box for my next own design. As sneaker fans we often look for the heritage of the sneaker, the OG colorways or the colors we like best. Maybe next time you can personalize your very own heritage sneaker:

London Story 3 - Titi Finlay - Artist + Content Creator

My passion for sneakers started with a purely visual infatuation. As a creative, they are my favourite way to express myself. Whether I'm collecting them, painting them, researching or styling them, sneakers are at the heart of everything I do. The sneaker community is often seen as a 'boys club' but it's my fellow female sneakerheads and the women making waves in this industry who inspire me the most. My dream is to become one of those women changing the sneaker game.


Titi works as an art & content creator herself and so it makes sense that she sketches and designs her version of the Nike Air Max 90 herself. I respect that fact, to simply design it that way. I would like to take up her intention to this sneaker again, because she says it herself in her quote: "The sneaker community is often seen as a 'boys club' but it's my fellow female sneakerheads and the women making waves in this industry who inspire me the most."

There she is! exactly the lady, why we decided to start the WMNS Club for you. Because sooo many women feel connected to the Street Wear culture and live it. And so many women would like to learn more and more about the sneaker culture and live it. So Titi, let's go: Show us your design!

Nike by You Unlocked - Nike Air Max 90
Click on the picture to get to the sneaker!

β€œLondon is where I learned to express myself creatively through art and sneakers. It’s my spirit, my drive and my inspiration.”

The details

Inspired by retro 'Spruce' colorways that previously only released in men's sizes. This design represents the power of female creativity and influence on the sneaker community through bold lines and colour contrasts.

Titi Finlay

Well, I can't finish this 2-part story any better and say then also, follow this cool lady for nice & stylish sneaker content πŸ’œ