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WMNS Club: Converse, new styles and a strong women - Duo

July 22, 2020 3:44 PM
WMNS Club: Converse, new styles and a strong women - Duo

As you have probably already noticed, my sneaker heart beats for Converse. And that's where it actually comes in handy that Converse is currently working on many new silhouettes. I swear a hundred new Converse styles will be released today, July 22nd.

We just got used to the Run Star Hike this summer, so Converse will follow with a new round of platform sneakers. If you have followed the developments, you have often seen a strong female duo in the campaign photos. Because I was interested in the reason why these two beautiful ladies were the face of the campaign for the Fall Collection, I went looking for the story for you.


The new silhouette - Chuck Taylor All Star Move

LIGHT AND LIFTED. Up the height and the attitude in the new Chuck Taylor All Star Move. A bold, projectile platform brings an unexpected edge, without the bulky weight. Subtle changes like a junglecloth construction, houndstooth accents, printed lace tips, and transparent patches put a fresh spin on your everyday Chucks.


What do you think - cop or drop?

I can't explain it any better than Converse themselves, I guess. One thing is clear, though, when you sit together as often as we do, the crew and I, then you know each other's guilty pleasures. So Maren called out in the last few days, 'Yo Becks - there's a new silhouette for you'. I'm immediately in love with these new styles, the others are not so sure. But take it easy, even with my Run Star Hike came: Hmmm, not my cup of tea, I can't imagine my foot in a style that way. And now, well, they say, you just like something different 😏

For those who belong to Team Becky aka bold IS beautiful:

Golden Girls Beauty GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Exactly today, July 22nd, Converse drops a lot of new colorways & silhouettes. See for yourself:

New styles & colorways for the Converse Run Star Hike

I have already informed you about this model in the past. Do you want to read yourself them yourself? Then click on this link to the blog: Converse Run Star Hike Ox - Exclusive Drop >>

Both at the Run Star Hike, and now at the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move, we see the ladies Fa & Fon on the campaign photos. To be honest, I haven't heard anything on the 2 ladies before, so I'm looking for the story and find some interesting, which I'm happy to share with you here.

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The female duo 'Fa and Fon'

It turns out that Fa & Fon are twin sisters who have pooled their talents and work together as concept designers under the name Fa and Fon.

We are concept designers and graphic designers based in London who are hugely inspired by retro futurism and old eccentric fashion campaigns, our work includes conceptualizing a design narrative and executing it by either creating treatment decks to organizing photoshoots (and sometimes photographing projects ourselves) designing and drawing graphics to create an overall body of imagery in the hopes to transport our audience to the world we have designed in our heads.

And that works successfully. If you take a look at the partner & client list of the ladies, the world of street style has discovered the talent of the two, because not only Converse has worked with the duo. Nike, Fila, Buffalo, Reebok are just a few of the brands designed for the Fa & Fon campaigns. The theme of retro futurism is clearly visible in the concepts and I, as the 90s/00s Kid, now know why my mother always said - 'Ohh we've worn that too'. Honestly: Do you remember those skirts? And the 2000s silver T-shirts? Should have kept them in the attic 🤦🏻‍♀️

More Infos!

At the age of 24, the sisters, who live in the UK and have Thai roots, have definitely made a statement. And I really have to say that I respect the devotion of those girls to follow their own path. For the Summer 2020 campaign with Converse for the Run Star Hike their mother was both muse and model. They proudly show their Thai roots in the shooting. It is an ode to their grandmother, who was a professional dancer of traditional Thai dance. Look here, Refinery has published a cool documentary about the campaign:

If a lockdown is imminent, other solutions can be found. In my opinion often more ingenious than many of the marketing concept with lots of dollar signs or like here, Pond. And that's probably why Converse loves Fa & Fon, like Miley Converse loves new Converse styles...

Fun Converse GIF by Miley Cyrus - Find & Share on GIPHY
Ciao and bye bye, see u next time, dear community 🤓