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FILA and Flock Together release a hike-wear capsule together

November 3, 2021 3:00 PM
FILA and Flock Together release a hike-wear capsule together

FILA and Flock Together come together and release a special hike-wear capsule. The capsule consists of a lot of cool items and is inspired by the Kingfisher bird.

FILA x Flock Together hike-wear Capsule

Flock Together is a bird watching collective and was founded in 2020 when the corona pandemic was at its height. With a love for bird watching and exploring the environment, the collective travels through nature and tries to provide a way of rest for the spotters. The collective also tries to teach visitors more about the environment.

Image by Zaineb Abelque

Together with FILA, the collective is releasing a hike-wear capsule. The collection is inspired by the Kingfisher bird, also known as the kingfisher. The items from the collab consist of the colours blue, green and orange.

FILA x Flock Together Trailblazer

Two new variants of the Trailblazer come out of the collaboration. These sneakers have been given a brown colorway with blue and yellow accents. There is also a remarkable print on the kicks and the FILA logo is stitched on the middle panel.

In addition, the shoes have an NFC tag. When you scan it, you are directed to a database with the best places in the UK to spot a kingfisher.

Image by FILA/Flock Together

FILA x Flock Together Premium Technical Fleece

The capsule also contains two pullover hoodies made from fleece materials. These items are not only perfect for hiking, but are also great to wear as contemporary outfits. The garments are available in the colours brown and white, and blue and brown. These hoodies have the FILA and Flock Together logo printed on the chest.

FILA x Flock Together hike-wear Capsule
Image by FILA/Flock Together

The Drop

Fortunately, we don't have to wait for the capsule and the items are available now. According to the birdspot collective, 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Flock Together Community.

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