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WIN $1000 GOAT credit with the #GOATDIY 2021 competition 🎨

June 16, 2021 4:00 PM
WIN $1000 GOAT credit with the #GOATDIY 2021 competition 🎨

Sneaker fans from around the world can enter the #GOATDIY 2021 competition. If you win, you get $1000 GOAT credit.

What is GOAT?

GOAT was founded in 2015. GOAT was initially intended to be a marketplace for sneakers. The website quickly became a success. They started offering clothing and accessories from selected brands. Because GOAT is in between the retail and resale market, they also offer unique vintage products. They have more than 30 million members in 170 countries.


This year is the third version of the #GOATDIY contest. This is a global competition in which you have to customise sneakers. The jury includes creative artists Tega Akinola, Gab Bois, Davide Perella and Walnut Illustrations. They will select the winners.

Diane Abapo, GOAT's Content Director, says the contest was created to connect with the sneaker community and give them a chance to express their creativity. Since 2019, this has become an annual event. It doesn't matter what material you use for your creation, nothing is wrong. You can go crazy with the silhouettes and colours.

To take part, post photos of your customised sneakers on Instagram, tag @GOAT volgen and use #GOATDIY in your caption. The competition runs from 14 June 2021 to 27 June 2021. On 12 July, GOAT will contact you on Instagram if you have won.

Previous winners

In 2019, GOAT has chosen 3 winners. One of the winners was Donny, @donnythedybbuk on Instagram. He conjured up a Nike Cortez Basic Leather 'White' in a shoe that looks very much like an ice cream.

Paris Jordan was also one of the 2019 contest winners. He created a Dior Air Jordan 1 with the Air Jordan 1 'Guava Ice' as a basis.

Another winner of the GOAT competition was Katty. She has all different prints on the Air Jordan 4 'Pure Money' drawn by hand.