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Wear Your Sneakers Ep. 2 with Sarah and Michel

June 9, 2022 11:48 AM
Wear Your Sneakers Ep. 2 with Sarah and Michel

The second episode of Wear Your Sneakers will be aired on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel on Thursday 9 June 2022 at 8pm. In this podcast the founders of WEAR, Pim Roggeveen and Lorenzo van Galen, talk about the sustainable transition in the fashion and sneaker industry. The first sneak peek of the podcast was given in May 2022. For the second episode, two guests will join the table: Sarah Vehmeijer and Michel Rosenquist.

Attention: this episode is recorded in Dutch !


Hosts of the show Pim Roggeveen and Lorenzo van Galen are the founders of WEAR in Rotterdam. With their company, the duo wants to reduce the mountain of discarded clothing and shoes. They do this by giving sneakers a new life.

Wear Your Sneakers

At WEAR, they give your old sneakers a deep clean to make them look new again. This reduces the need to buy a new pair. They also refurbish second-hand sneakers and sell them for a suitable price.

They believe in a sustainable, cleaner and more inclusive economy. With the WEAR business model, they have taken a step in the right direction.

Sarah Vehmeijer

The first guest of this episode is Sarah Vehmeijer. She is a senior asset manager at CBRE Investment Management. CBRE Investment Management is a leading international real estate with $146.8 billion* (as of 31 March 2022) of assets under management. The company operates from more than 30 offices in 20 countries.

Wear Your Sneakers

Based on an investor-operator culture, the organisation aims to provide sustainable investor solutions across a variety of asset categories, regions, risk profiles and operating modes. In doing so, it aims to have a positive impact on clients, people and the communities in which CBRE Investment Management operates.

Michel Rosenquist

The second guest in this episode is Michel Rosenquist. He is Director of Retail & Marketing at Leger des Heils Reshare. Every year, the Salvation Army helps 35,000 vulnerable people with professional care and guidance. In addition, the company is active worldwide in the collection and distribution of second-hand clothing.

Wear Your Sneakers

With around 26 million clothes collected per year, Reshare is market leader in the field of textile collection. Of the clothes and textiles they collect, a part is given away to people who need it, but cannot afford it. In the Netherlands, but also abroad.

They also sell part of the collected clothes in their second-hand clothes shops. This way, people with a minimum income can also buy clothes. Finally, they sell part of the clothes to sorting companies. With the proceeds, they finance their assistance.

Second episode

Hosts Pim and Lorenzo talk to the guests about the sector they are active in. They also share their expertise and vision on sustainability, pioneering, circularity and inclusiveness.

Wear Your Sneakers

On Thursday 9 June 2022, at 20:00, the second episode will go online. It will be available on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel. Curious about the first episode of the podcast? You can also watch it on the channel.

Be aware that the episode is recorded in Dutch!

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