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Virgil Abloh - the man behind Off-White!

May 21, 2020 10:25 AM
Virgil Abloh - the man behind Off-White!

Virgil Abloh? Most of you are already ringing the alarm bells! If you want to know more about Virgil, keep reading.

Before Virgil Alboh achieved the 'legend' status in the world fashion industry, he was employed by Kanye West as 'Creative Director'! Virgil Abloh was responsible for the stage design and accompanied Kanye on his 'Ye' tour!

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Latest news about Virgil

Virgil Abloh went on IG live! In the short video Virgil announced that he is working with Nike again. Have a look at the IG Video yourself. You can find it down below! Just do it!

How it all began

Virgil Abloh was born on September 30, 1980 in Rockford, Illinois. His parents are immigrants from Ghana. Back to Virgil: At his birth it was already clear that this boy would turn the fashion and design industry upside down! Myths say that he screamed 'Off-White' at his birth! ?

All jokes aside, dear community Virgil first attended Boylan Catholic High School and graduated in 1998. He then went on to the University of Wisconsin Madison for a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. Okay, wait a minute - I'm sure many of you are wondering how Virgil got into the fashion industry with a degree in civil engineering! But yes, it's even stranger because he did his master's degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Of course Virgil passed the master's exam - he got his master's in architecture!

Although he studied engineering, he said in an interview with the New York Times that it was the humanities subjects that ultimately led him to think about creativity in a much more cultural context - not design for design's sake, but the connection of design to the rhythm of what is happening in the world'.

Afterwards things went uphill quite quickly for Mr. Abloh, because he did an internship at Fendi. Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion brand. But back to Virgil's internship. At that time Fendi was working together with Kanye West. Both met and the chemistry was right! Not this chemistry, I mean the workflow here! The two got along and the dream working duo was born!

What Virgil could do but Kanye couldn't

Kanye West has always wanted to work with Louis Vuitton. Okay, he may have brought out a sneakers collection with Louis Vuitton, but Kanye wants more! He was looking for a job with Louis Vuitton as a creator. But hey, at least he's with adidas now and can release his Yeezy collection.

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Back to Mr. Abloh - because he got a job as 'Artistic Director' at Louis Vuitton! Virgil has come a long way! Under the wing of Kanye West to Louis Vuitton! And not to forget, he also ran his company 'Off-White'! For the latest Louis Vuitton collection Virgil was responsible for the 'catwalk design'! The fashion show got a 'sky look' - check out the IG pics for the fashion show below! Sick!

Enough with the stories and give me the inspiration!

To make sure that this blog entry doesn't get too boring and that you don't only get facts from Virgil Abloh, which you probably already know anyway, here's an 'inspiration feed'!

Let's start with a video that I like extremely and you, dear community, probably also! It is about Virgil and Kanye! At the beginning you will get an insight how Kanye West and Virgil Abloh tick! Enjoy!

Next video I have a 'fashion fact' video for you! Check out the video! Do you agree with the New York Times that Virgil saved luxury fashion with his t-shirts? Watch it and think!

For all of you, who want to have the career of Virgil Abloh in a visual form, we have found a nices overview video for you below! It takes only 4 minutes! But after the video you will know everything about Virgil! Enjoy!

As you've already seen on the IG feed, Virgil was responsible for the location design of the fashion show for Louis Vuitton's new collection! Louis Vuitton even released a behind the scenes video! Watch the video below! Because you'll be surprised! And hopefully it will give you the inspiration for your future projects! Showtime!

This is the end of this Virgil Abloh blog! You didn't find something? Dear community, don't be sad because there is still a part to come! There you will find all Off-White x Nike released models! Be curious and keep your eyes open! And in the meantime have a look at our Newsblog!