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Urbanstar brings urban style and streetwear together

November 4, 2022 12:17 PM
Urbanstar brings urban style and streetwear together

For some people, the name Urbanstar does not immediately ring a bell. You might have seen the brand in our sneaker news or on the release calendar, but who and what is Urbanstar? We would like to introduce you to this unique store in the heart of Rome.



The Urbanstar shop has been in Rome since 2002. Initially located in a 140m² building, the store was soon so popular that it moved to a 400m² building with two floors in 2007.

A variety of clothes hang on the top floor, and on the bottom floor, you'll find many unique sneakers. On top of this, there's also a lot of accessories and other urban styles to be found.


Urbanstar offers an exclusive selection of men's and women's collections and the latest in beauty and home design. These collections come in a range of well-known brands, but you can also score emerging brands here. By doing this, Urbanstar combines outdoor, streetwear, casual and sneakers with a variety of historic high fashion brands.


Urbanstar's range allows you to discover unique styles that are impossible to find at other stores. When you check out the website via the button below, you will find a selection of more than 150 brands, including MM6 Maison Margiela, Alexander Wang, Nike and Maharishi.


Urbanstar projects

The brand is not just a store, getting involved with various projects involving sustainability, among other things. In this way, Urbanstar also contributes to the community and sets itself apart from other competitors.

Going Green

In 2021, Urbanstar organised the event: 'Going Green - Episode-I'. The event took place in two cities. Namely at Focene beach, located on the Roman coast, and on the riverbank of the Thames in London.

During this event, people collected plastic waste from the coastal/river shore. It was a great success! About 120 people participated and together they collected a total of about 2,000 pounds of plastic waste.

Besides this event, the brand is also environmentally conscious in itself. Firstly, all packaging has been replaced with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled paper boxes and bags. Secondly, the labels and tags are made of recycled material. Their continuous aim is to make the entire production cycle more sustainable.

Hello My Name Is

The next project is: 'Hello My Name Is'. This is a series of interviews with different people, telling their stories. The phrase 'Hello My Name Is', took on an unexpected value of creating relationships between different people. Urbanstar wanted to give a voice to the people who are still walking the streets with a smile regardless of the devestating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nike Air Max BW box

To give that little bit extra to the community, Urbanstar came up with a special Nike Air Max BW box. In this way, the brand celebrated the 30th anniversary of the historic Nike Air Max BW model. The box was handmade from customised metal. The original sketch of the model by Tinker Hatfield was featured inside.

You now know that for exclusive sneakers and clothing, Urbanstar is the right place to be! If you happen to be going to Rome soon, be sure to check out the store! The address is: Via Enrico Fermi, 91/93.

A look at the website is also well worth it! In fact, they ship everything they offer on their website to the Netherlands, Germany and to the UK, as well as most other countries. Also keep a close eye on our release calendar, sometimes Urbanstar releases hyped sneakers earlier than other European retailers! Check out the website via the button below!