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UPDATE: Drake x Nike

June 12, 2020 12:21 PM
UPDATE: Drake x Nike

Dear Community, there is a Drake x Nike collaboration coming soon! But wait, can't you get the following song out of your head? …

'It go, right foot up, left foot slide
Left foot up, right foot slide
Basically, I'm saying either way, we 'bout to slide, ayy

- a catchy track on TikTok, but back to the blog post!

Before we present the collab to you, we have added the music video 'God's Plan' by Drake below. Check out the MV before you read the blog or just run it in the background while you read this blog! Still an awesome track!

? To the collaboration! ?

A few days ago the first pics of Drake x Nike collab or to be more precise the OVO x Nike collaboration were already circulating! Below we link the Instagram leaks for you!

But first things first - who's Drake? And what the hell is OVO? Let's keep it short and sweet on the Drake! He is a Canadian artist and singer and his new singles or albums are way up in the charts! At the beginning of this blog you've already read/heard one of his newest and most famous songs - 'Toosie Slide'! (Link to the single you can find down below).

Many of you have probably entered the following search term 'Drake x Nike' - but in reality the collaboration is with 'OVO x Nike'! So the question remains, who or what 'OVO' is! In 2008 Aubrey "Drake" Graham founded the fashion brand 'OVO' aka 'October's Very Own' with El-Khatib! OVO' is a streetwear brand and the logo of the company is a golden owl! Boy Drake and his business partner are 'crazy', an owl? But yes, keep the 'golden owl' in mind, because it's also on the sneaker! First enjoy the 'Toosie Slide' and then the leaks! Let's go! ?

Drake x Nike

As you've seen, this collaboration takes place on the Nike Air Force 1 'White' silhouette! We don't know much about this Nike x OVO collab either, and as you probably saw in the leaks above, this collaboration will not be released until 2021! It will still take a while until we reach 2021, before that we just have to survive the year 2020. But no worries community, no matter if the world will end, because we will keep you up to date on our Newsblog page! And by the way - the Drake OVO x Nike Air Force 1 collab is already in our Release Calendar! Just click on the pictures above or on the button below! Until then ciao!